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  1. A mining event will be held on march 7, after the conclusion of the biweekly meeting. MO and requirements can be found in the following enlistment form. https://forms.gle/8QongRVyBTYxsTN97 Hope to see you there.
  2. Am interested in trying to get a group going for the raid in division 2, for this we'll need 8 people. Do we have enough people for said matter? I know most of us have been quite inactive on division for a while.
  3. Rather expensive considering it's not a 2080 TI, all in all a good system though
  4. One of the titles in the near future I'm looking forward to.
  5. Am personally using the RoG Centurion 7.1 headset. for sound, and a blue yeti standalone mic, as the microphone, despite the price of the overall headset, is lacking. The comfort and sound coming from the headset itself is amazing, and also comes with it's own soundcard, with plenty of options.
  6. Current fleet, am however tempted to put the BMM on a second account at some point.
  7. Want to get a grasp on what miners are flying/will be flying, or if they are more interested in being crew on Orions. I myself have both a prospector for loan/private use, as well as an Orion.
  8. Case: Fractal Design R9 WhitePSU: Corsair VS650Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350 - Gaming 3CPU: Ryzen7 2700X, cooled with Corsair H100iRAM: 24 GB Ballistix Elite DDR4 3200Graphics card: Asus GTX 1060 3GBSound card: ROG Centurion 7.1Hard Drive(s): Intenso SSD 120gb, Kingston SV300 120gb, ST2000D 2TB, WDC-WDSSD 120gbOptical Drive(s): Do they still exist?Monitor: Center: MSI G32c, Top: Philips 273V5LHAB Right: Acer G246HL Speakers: Logitech z806Operating System: W10 Peripherals: Mouse: Logitech G903 + Powerplay mousemat
  9. I kinda envy people who have the creativity, resources and dedication to put this kind of thing through. Sadly I consider myself to play too big of a variance in games to pull stuff like this off. looks great though.
  10. Currently am sitting on a merchantman. Am wondering if I'm better off melting it for a prospector/Freelancer MAX, for more variety in early-game income, or if trade-running/hauling alone might be sufficient.
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