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  1. hey guys, is it better to upgrade or just buy the ship I want?
  2. is anyone else having trouble connecting to TS?
  3. hello, im kinda in the same boat I need a new head set. right now I have astro A40's. I'v had them for about 10 years and love them but the right ear cup fads out sometimes. I am going to be getting a audio technical head set with out mic and a blue yeti mic. this one will cost about $200 . if your looking for something cheap that your not worried about braking there are plenty of good head sets out there. ps. al lot of us are on teamspeak 3
  4. lol when I first jumped to lorville I didn't know my landing gear was down and I was like why am I going 50m/s and didn't realize it til I was a few 1000m above the city haha it toke so long to fly down .
  5. ok, cool. lorville is big lol, spent about 1h there.
  6. I had landed for my first time in lorville and I was like sweet let me power down the ship and get out. as so as I get out of my seat it spawns me under the map falling. I was like well there's that.lol
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