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  1. I have much the same experience as Bursar, I am currently using an Iiyama 27" GB2788HS. The FreeSync on it has gone to waste a little bit (still hoping either AMD gets its s**t together or nVidia will start to support it at some point), but otherwise its 144Hz is nice and it's bright enough even during bright summer days.
  2. MaK0

    XCOM 2 announced

    Started playing again, got ultra-frustrated again with the game within hours (missing shots at close range....ugh). I don't know, I want to love this game so much, but it just doesn't work like I expect it to, and that frustrates me to bits >_<
  3. Technicians are the people responsible for building experimental setups, think of crafting hand-made parts to specific requirements. In my field, applied physics, this involves building vacuum chambers, making sample holders, designing and fabricating rigs to suspend moving setups and so on. Regarding their views on others and how they're viewed, these guys have usually been employed by a research group for years and years, so are usually much older than the PhD's and post-docs, and have a lot of knowledge of setting up experiments. Students therefore tend to see them as engineering compendia.
  4. I have to say I'm a big fan of this move by CIG! I don't actually read all of this stuff, but it gives a much better sense of where the team's at and a better feeling of progress
  5. Already own it on Steam, but I can recommend it to everyone that's into 3rd person action games, it's pretty good!
  6. Yeah I saw that, here in the Netherlands we're quite paranoid about that stuff so the trucks are sent out to spray salt starting the evening before we expect the first amount of frost. Only if it really hasn't rained for days (so there's no moisture in the air to generate ice) do they wait longer.
  7. Holy s**t, I'm suddenly happy the Netherlands is utterly flat, makes this kinda stuff a lot less of a problem. Possibly stupid question, didn't they spray salt around before the snow fell?
  8. I couldn't do it, I value my ability to start playing music by voice command via Cortana way too important in my life "Hey Cortana, play some epic music, please." - "Ok Marty, playing your 'Epic' playlist." "Thank you!" - "No problem!" Couldn't imagine breakfast without it! Combined with my old school paper newspaper of course.
  9. Was that meant sarcastically? Blizzard has been a leading game company for decades, with a very distinct style of games, in multiple genres. Star Citizen is one bloody game, that's not even out yet. It will simply never be that big, unless they go on to create 5 more mega awesome games in the next 2 decades.
  10. MaK0

    Infinite Warfare

    I'm aware of the issues with multiplayer, and I think it's a disgrace. As for torrenting, I often torrent games I plan on buying, to see how well they run and whether I actually like playing them. If I enjoy myself for more than a few hours I'll buy it. I bought this game for 37 Euro at some keysite, a price I think is ok, while I agree that paying upwards of 60 for this game is overdoing it a bit. I'm not planning on playing the multiplayer at all. I may be a bit of an atypical gamer here, seeing that I mostly play single player games, except for MMO's. I don't really care for match-based multiplayer at all to be honest :P.
  11. MaK0

    Infinite Warfare

    Haven't really heard many good things about the multiplayer, so I'm hesitant about that
  12. Hey guys, I'm going to say something I hadn't thought I would ever say again. I recommend you guys play the new Call of Duty! At least the single player. The last CoD I liked was Modern Warfare, I didn't play Advanced Warfare at all, nor any of the Black Ops after the first one. I've been playing the single player of Infinite Warfare and it feels a bit like what I'm expecting out of Squadron 42 (of course with much more restricted FPS areas and dumbed down mechanics and many more Michael Bay-esque explosions but still). I don't know how much you guys have seen in terms of gameplay footage, but it's a mix of space combat (with pretty arcady mechanics) and ground combat, and it's not ridiculously short. I've torrented the thing just to check it out, and it's not half bad I can say. Note: I'm aware quite a few of you guys are (ex-)military, so you may have some adverse reactions to how characters act in the game. I'm not, but I still find it rather weird that the main character starts out as a squadron commander, with the rank lieutenant, aboard a carrier (all in space, mind you), according to Wikipedia (and my knowledge from my minor in war studies), squadron commanders are usually Lt. Colonels.. Then when the captain of said carrier (spoiler: and about 90% of the fleet) dies, he is promptly promoted to the rank of commander, AND APPOINTED ACTING CAPTAIN OF A CARRIER, even though there are still experienced captains alive among at least one other ship. By the way, said captain then still flies missions himself (including ground combat), together with his XO, meaning that if anything went wrong the carrier would have no command structure left >_< maybe that's just me though.
  13. Hmm, I'm quite tempted to upgrade from my F7C, but I think I'll hold on to it. A sense of progression is nice
  14. MaK0

    Around the Verse 3.12 - Austin

    Exactly, telling us that they're making good progress doesn't really tell anyone what they want to know. They used to do this a bit in reports, but haven't really seen it much lately.
  15. I'll stick with my F7C, assuming I can upgrade it to do whatever the Super Hornet does (except for the second seat of course). Edit: I have an F7A of course, not C.