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  2. Habe you deleted your old user map? Might have been the server youve been on thats bugged. If that starts happening tp me i usualy restart the game and repair the game with "verifi" And welcome back
  3. Yepyepyep 3.5.1 is here and with that persistant upgrades. That means we need to get cash. And what better way is there to get money the selling drugs. So be at portolisar around 7 pm utc on saturday 08/06/19 and we go for a drug run or two.
  4. Vect

    New Pit

    Sweet. Are the mfds neeeded even though you got gameglas? Or its for other games?
  5. We will be holding an event on June 8th at 7PM UTC tonight. The aim will be to do a large drug run, we will need lots of people to help load the ships. Make sure you have updated your game to 3.5.1 and set your spawn point a PO Look Forward to seeing you all there TeamSpeak: teamspeak.tacticaladvance.co.uk Password: tac1
  6. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17067-Tumbril-Ranger
  7. The question i have about armors is there any difrence in them. The rust society seem to have enviromental suits, will they have better resistances or its same on all armors. Saw a new helm in 3.5 that only were for in atmosphere combat but worked outside atmosphere. Might be that they havent implemented things like that. I dont have anything against armors but would prefer other stuff.
  8. Members, 7:30 PM UTC We are going to get together after the meeting and attempt to play Star Citizen. There is a chance we will be playing 3.5 if not we will play 3.4 the plan is to get a fleet over to JT and earn our self some cash. A hammerhead and some fighters would also be welcome. And a large freighter. Bring what ship you have or jump on someone's ship Its mostly to get to know people and have fun though so low expectations and a good mood would be nice. Would be nice if all that is going to attend would go to Port Olisar before the meeting so you log in there. Also, post your cig link below if your gonna join so it's easy to add you before we start. PTU Link here PU Link here Here's mine https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Cain_Vect
  9. Ehmm think the noobifier or something have alot of revievs on them youtube. And i think he have had them for few years. Dont know how reliable he is as he seems to get them for free.
  10. I will probably get a Carrack, Prowler and mercury star runner. I might get a A2 hercules but it feels like something that will just be sitting in a hangar. A tevarin stealth fighter would be nice if that will ever be made.
  11. Yae discord would be nice. you can see the history in a conversation, you dont need to sit with head phones all the time you are online. With the app on your mobile you get noticeses if something is happening in realtime. (might get that in TS aswell now havent used it since before smartphones realy)
  12. Did the prowler and carrack have to come at the same time? Well it will be a expensive chrismass i guess
  13. Yae the krakens might be good enough in the start. But it feels more like something you have as an eskort on exploration missions etc. Get the feeling its kind of weak compared to idris and the javelin. But i dont know. And yes the pegasus havent been mentioned in a few years. The bengal is on the road map atleast. And a server can only hold 50 ppl at the moment so i guess its all speculations at this time.
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