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  1. This looks really cool and that it would be useful. I lost count of how many times I am trying to adjust my controls and end up hitting exit ship my mistake. https://gameglass.gg/
  2. This is a bit old but is shows how much there really is out in the Verse so far. This is the first video in the playlist.
  3. The part where some parts of this ship go flying and bounce on the ground. Just that detail is wow. I wonder if someone is standing there would they get hurt or killed.
  4. So I got full org status and I got to run a few mission today. It was a lot of fun exploring and getting to know everyone. I just wanted to thank everyone for hanging out with me and dealing with me sight seeing.
  5. I will be in most the weekend and in now. I have done a few alphas before so don't mind the bugs but for the most part the game is very well put together/
  6. So I just joined and I just got Star Citizen a few days ago, I am looking to meet people and this game looks amazing. If you see me on I am always up for having someone at my wing or being someone's wingman.
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