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  1. TheGreatJaggia

    What is the Company's political position going to be?

    Ok thanks for the replies
  2. TheGreatJaggia

    TA on Wingmans Hanger

    Niiiiiice, I think the org. deserves a round of applause **clap clap clap** **clap**
  3. TheGreatJaggia


    You guys have already built a solid plan eventhough the game has yet ruffly 1 year to go but I'm IN
  4. TheGreatJaggia

    Alpha access

    Well aslong as you don't melt down your alpha packages ships for some reason, yes.
  5. TheGreatJaggia

    To HOTAS or not to HOTAS, that's the question.

    I will definatly go HOTAS, dunno about you guys but you just have more control with a joystick... ,when you want to strafe roll yaw pitch or accelerate you are going to have to use all different buttons on the keyboard ( and mouse) so i think it would e profitable to go with the HOTAs
  6. TheGreatJaggia

    If a Friend is in Danger

    What i would do: I would first ask the questions you asked how many, what type, load out, ect. but if it were too many i would probably try getting in touch with them and tell them i would offer a nice sum of money for the person they were attacking. Now this can end in three ways: 1) They accept, I transferr the money to their account they let him/ her go 2) They don't accept and obliterate their target 3) They accept let their guard down and THEY get obliterated 4) (i lied it's 4) They accept, the money and obliterate both me and their target So simply I would not put my life and/or ship on the line if the chances of sucessfully rescuing the damsel in distress were against me. I would try and Ambush them or something..
  7. What political position will we have i.e will we be working on the outskirts of the galaxy in the more dangerous regions, or in the safe center of the UEE, because this will efect what kind of jobs we need (e.g.; if in the safe areas of space we will need less security, whereas on the edge of the galaxy we will need more patrols) Also will we be more on the competitive side of economy where we try and beat all other orgs. in our area of work, OR will we be more working together to achieve the best then split the profit.? Because if we make enemies we are going to need more interceptors, police, patrols and if it gets out of hand and turns into an org. war what will we do? Will we do the classic Hornets vs. Hornets battle or more of the sly privateering under an affiliate org. specificly for that purpose (only to that company of course) so it would hinder their trade abilties >> cutting of their supplies >> rendering them useless (basicly putting them under siege). This is just a question I've had over the last few days so yeah :)
  8. TheGreatJaggia

    Your Time Zones

    GMT 00:00 English my old fellow :D
  9. TheGreatJaggia

    Policy on piracy

    Theres a joke there but i'll avoid it :D , but thanks for the helpful advice. Because what i had in mind was that i could privateer for the company under a different name ==> no political enemies ;) , but I'd prefer bounty hunting anyways so thank you all for the responses
  10. TheGreatJaggia

    I need a space sim

    It's not a space sim. but have you tried ARMA because it is very useful with simulation. Also War thunder is a very good flying game/sim
  11. TheGreatJaggia

    Policy on piracy

    What exactly is the policy on piracy? I mean i know we don't encourage it and I have read the Directory but what is the in-depth policy? for example...is it legal(within the company rules) to have an affiliate organization which specializes in piracy, but never attack or threaten members of this Org.? Or only against its enemy, so it is something like and undercover piracy support/infiltration sort of thing? I would really like to know this, because i could then figure out if i'm going to be concentrating on bounty hunting or pirating for other companies for this company (if that makes sense)