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  1. For now and probably until release: Aurora MR+ Mustang Alpha
  2. Like him or not, he was a big part of what made TG awesome. That is now over.
  3. Pfaca

    Arma 3 Epoch

    Shiny! Is this server for the Arma Friday event? I'm looking forward to join you guys this Friday, but I'm a little confused in how to do so... Will you post the server here or in TS3?
  4. Pfaca

    Your thoughts on AC v1.0

    New developments, I upgraded my aurora to a mustang and the helmet appears in the spectrum/drone. Upgraded again from the mustang to the aurora and the helmet is gone again. Or it is a bug or the aurora is not supposed to have a helmet (doesn't make a lot of sense).
  5. Pfaca

    Your thoughts on AC v1.0

    Nice to know, I'll try it later.
  6. Pfaca

    Your thoughts on AC v1.0

    Yes. But when you play in spectrum/drone the helmet appears. Mine doesn't, this is a bug not a feature.
  7. Pfaca

    Your thoughts on AC v1.0

    It's the last time, I promise. :D I can't seem to find no one with the "no helmet" bug.
  8. Pfaca

    Your thoughts on AC v1.0

    I can't join spectrum match (says i don't have a ship selected but I can't select one) can't change map or mode also, Drone sim works but I have no helmet whatsoever... The weapons now have weird names... Doing my 2nd fresh install right now.
  9. My 2 cents. This might be good or bad, time will tell. I was thinking on buying a Oculus Rift, but I will not touch it now. I refuse to give money to facebook. At the moment there are viable alternatives to Oculus Rift (CastAR/Sony Morpheus and so on), I will wait and see what the future brings to those, but sadly, for me Oculus is not an option.
  10. Pfaca

    Your Time Zones

    That makes 2 of us. And I thinking I was the only Portuguese in the organization. That's nice!
  11. Pfaca

    Sending in a gift to the devs?

    So, did we forget about this?!
  12. Pfaca

    My soon to be rig

    Cool. It's on my list (SSD), but I will only get it if I have extra cash at the time I finish the build.
  13. Pfaca

    The Year

    No problem, glad to help.
  14. Pfaca

    My soon to be rig

    I'm thinking in buying one after the build is complete, that and another stick of 8gb RAM. ;)