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  1. I'll help where I can. This kind of programming is not my specialty. Longshot may be able to help better than I.
  2. The shield in a ship that prevents air from going out when the ship is open to space, but allows ships and things to pass through. Think the front and back of the Idris Hangar, the front of the Caterpillar, back of the Cutlass, All the openings on the Bengal, etc. You can see it on the Idris here: https://youtu.be/HY_quiW967g?t=6
  3. It has to have an airshield. Its quite literally required for the Cutlass and its variants to function, unless you want to take in cargo (Black), escape pods (Red), or Prisoners (Blue) by venting 3/4ths of the ship every time. Not to mention you can launch ships out of the back. Every ship capable of doing that so far has an airshield to accomodate it.
  4. That is not as easy as you make it sound. They can make it consumable by just showing it on the screen. Intercepting it and parsing it is an entirely different story. You deal with encryption, networking, and any protections they might have against that sort of thing. Doing that without an API can be a monster task. Again, they want to keep Spectrum as in-house as possible, so people use less third party programs. Unless they provide the tools for it, I don't see us being able to rip things from it.
  5. 1) Its shooting people through walls, and doing it consistently. Not to mention CIG has telemetry on the matches, so they will be able to verify those things. Headshots also don't insta-kill in Star Marine, but are marked when they happen on the kill board. This is why video evidence is required, as it has to be plainly obvious that this is happening. 2) It would be extremely hard to forge something like that. No matter how good you are. There are so many things to match up to, such as desync, lag spikes, jerky movements, etc that happen in the current build. If you're afraid of someone hijacking an account, use the Two Factor Authentication available on the website. Makes it nearly impossible for someone to take your account. Otherwise, if you're caught on video cheating, then a perma-ban is definitely warranted. Companies have tried temp-bans before, and it never works. The person cheats once, gets temp-banned, then comes back and brags about all the gains they got. Its happened in way too many MMO's already. This action by CIG is fine, but they have to be absolutely and completely sure that the person is cheating.
  6. I don't think it will have any external API's. Have they said anything about it? The goal of Spectrum is to keep everything in-house, on CIG's system so it can be integrated into the game. Of course they can't really regulate that, eg: there is no reason to use Spectrum voice over Teamspeak unless we prefer it.
  7. The hacker is not MajorLazy in that video. There is the picture Sleepy linked above, as well as the video itself. You can fast forward to 1:32 in the video, and you'll see that MajorLazy gets killed by the hacker. Its pretty clear that its not him. So to answer your question, just tell people what I told you. There is clear evidence that its not him, and you cannot be in two places at once. https://youtu.be/OHtIjbBVuTE?t=90
  8. All the pictures are broken! Very nice specs though. Should be good as long as you got 16+GB RAM
  9. The same problem in that its old? Its a design document. That is the direct reality of what is going to be in-game unless another updated design document is released. Nothing I said was assumed. They describe the entire process from character creation to playing in Squadron 42.
  10. That quote was saying that you can pick where you're dropped off after you're done with your tour in Squadron 42. Its not quite a homeworld, but a starting point for the PU.
  11. You asked about building a farm. You cannot build a farm on release.Your original post talks mostly about buying land on Goss, which you cannot do. That point was my source, which you asked for. Its a cool option. I wasn't saying that its not. I just said it wasn't in the game, because it isn't. You know... the direct answer to your question. I posted the Death of a Spaceman document, which is the design document for their creation and death mechanics. You choose a gender by choosing a bathroom, then create your face in the mirror. No backstory is chosen whatsoever. If you want to RP a backstory, you have to make it up yourself. Theorycrafting about things that exist has a purpose. We can theorycraft about how to run our resource nodes because we know resource nodes will actually be in the game. We can theorycraft about how an Orion will run because Orions will definitely be in the game. Its markedly different than making up a feature and talking about it. The comparison is invalid. Its based on more than that, but its a big read. I literally gave you the most up-to-date writing of the mechanic, which is still confirmed to be correct. That is kinda how design documents work. Using the excuse of "oh but its old" to dismiss the proof you asked for is invalid. The burden is on you to prove what I gave you is incorrect. What I have given you has been confirmed in various videos and things up to April 29th 2016, where Chris himself in a 10FT talks about the customization. What I did there was theorycraft about the feature that will actually exist. We know the reputation will be a huge thing, we know Endeavor farmers will be able to go buy seeds/trees/whatever to grow on their farms, and we know that some places will have different rare and prestigious plants to grow. That is the closest way I could think of that your idea fits into the actual confirmed mechanics for the game. You didn't put up an idea. You asked a question. I answered your question, and now you're getting mad because of the answer. The first sentence is you asking a question, and the rest is you expanding on the possibility. Nothing wrong with that, but don't be getting mad at the answers. Not very good looking coming from one of our directors. I didn't mix my personal opinion anywhere in anything I've posted here, nor did I write anything that can be considered a personal attack (I think that is what you are alluding to?). You asked "will we be able to choose a homeworld?" and I answered "No, you have to make up your own backstory, but here is how it might work". I took a guess that the exclusive land might be better for a farmer, but I can't be sure because nothing concrete about that profession exists (you know.. theorycrafting). Nothing I said was offensive, but you have clearly taken offense. Its not my fault that a feature is not being implemented into the game. Getting mad at me for pointing it out to you doesn't really help anybody. We know exactly what is going into the character creator and choosing any kind of backstory, let alone something as complex as a homeworld with in-game bonuses, is not part of any design document for Star Citizen that exists today. One last time, dragging the topic back here. Your question: "would you as an player be able to choose which one that is your home world?". The answer: No, you will not.
  12. Character Creation, described in 2013: https://youtu.be/zEQpSqDDSHY?t=264 (Edit: A better source for character creation: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/12879-Death-Of-A-Spaceman ) No base building at launch (Answered in French, summarized in English): https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/4e59us/some_questions_from_the_french_community_answerd/ Both videos are based on posts and interviews from CIG, and summarized. I'm honestly not going to dig through the forums to find them. Also, its not about shooting down ideas, its about managing expectations. If someone gets really hyped for going to Goss and building their own farm on the planet with their exclusivity, then the game releases and its not there, we end up with someone who is disappointed at the game because we let someone run away with a feature that was never promised. Theorycrafting is great, but there isn't really a point in planning for a feature that doesn't exist. Not to mention, in your original post, you literally asked "would you as an player be able to choose which one that is your home world?" I answered your question. No, you will not be able to choose your homeworld. You choose a gender and how you look. That is it. I even went so far as to expand on how your idea could still be used within the features that actually exist in the game. Star Citizen is making a big game, not a complicated game. Deep Character Customization can include choosing a homeworld and such, but that means there would have to be a balanced benefit to every single inhabited world they are building. What is the benefit of being born on Crusader? Idris? Vega? What if an in-game event suddenly made my homeworld-trait useless (eg, famine on Goss)? Its too many intertwined effects to keep track of and balance a good mechanic out of. Just being honest. Its much easier to use the existing reputation system to pass on similar benefits. Maybe you can't buy from the farmlands on Goss until you've built enough rep, and what you buy from there is much higher quality or is extremely rare? Then, when base building is implemented into the game, you already have that rep built up and can go buy a farm then? Going that direction doesn't extend development time, does exactly what you want it to, and cuts down on the fluff.
  13. We won't be choosing places of birth or anything like that. Its just not in the mechanics, and it makes things more complicated for CIG. Whatever backstory your character has, is completely made up by you. That said, Goss' lore is completely set up to exploit the reputation system. Obviously having land there is a rare and it will be quality land. Whenever land purchasing is implemented (it won't be in SC 1.0 for sure), having a good enough reputation at Goss will be a must for farmers. It might be a nice place to park an Endeavor farm though.
  14. Its too versatile not to get. By default, its a survey ship meant to go find stuff in hostile star systems. Gonna find us the rare and dangerous belts to mine. After it finds these belts for us, we can throw a mining laser on the equipment mount and go mining as well. Plus, it can be fitted with a rescue tracker. If you receive a distress call or a buddy gets shot down in a warzone, the Terrapin is the armored rescue vehicle. This can even be command vessel that coordinates the rescue in the warzone. On top of that its got a S5 turret which can presumably hold 2 S3 weapons, and mounts for 2 more S2 weapons, and the entire ship is meant to go be by itself for extended periods of time. There is no way I'm passing up the Terrapin.... Or the Ursa Rover.....
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