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  1. Do we have the manpower to man the potentially larger ships we have in the org? Im speaking about the javelin and idris. Also, is the javelin the biggest ship that will be flyable in the game? Also, will the idris and javelin ever become avaible again in the rsi store, or would you have to buy one of the market?
  2. Hey guys. Is there any complete list which shows all the game packages, single ship packages and combo packages that has been buyable before? Ive searched around on google and havent found anything appetizing yet. Id like to know because i just found out there are 3 lti super hornet packages: physical colonel, digital colonel and weekend warrior. Is the difference between the digital colonel and weekend warrior that the weekend warrior trades the colonel "ranked" character for a crappy pistol? Does it exist a digital rear admiral that i cant find? Please help me clear up in this! :)
  3. hmm, ive been wondering of what our org ship would be for a while now. I guess it has to be a ship where our boss TA, and his underboss-starlords could apoint meetings, jerk off to emma watson and has some kind of firepower and defence to keep itself from getting blown up with them inside it. im not sure if any members in our org owns an idris but im quite sure if we all save up some money we will have enough for one eventually :) either in-game or for real money. Either way the idris sounds like a pretty good ship to have as a capital ship..
  4. You guys are off topic, a new example. If i buy this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/store/86-rsi-aurora . For how long will it be insured? It does not say its insured, it only says that you get the ship and a discount hangar.
  5. Take a look at this, https://robertsspaceindustries.com/stor ... -khartu-al . https://robertsspaceindustries.com/stor ... works-300i . https://robertsspaceindustries.com/stor ... rnet-ghost . For how long are these ships insured? It says for how long on the game packages, but not on single ships. Is it like if you have a 3 month insurance game package and buy an extra ship that ship will also be insured for 3 months? or 6 months? and so on..??
  6. Im wondering how long the insurance lasts for the ships you buy on the rsi webside is. If i want to buy a 315p explorer, only the ship, for how long will i own it?
  7. UPDATE: I have bought a superhornet (205€) and a banu MM (380$). I bought the hornet on ebay and the banu on reddit!
  8. If i were you, i would have waited for the dogfight to come out. That way you will get a little insight in what your pc has to handle with. :)
  9. May i ask how much you paid for the hornet? I see they go for 175-250€ now...
  10. Hey guys, i currently have a constellation, but i would REALLY like to buy a banu merchantman or starfarer from ebay or maybe amazon. What ship would you most like to have in the corporation, and why?
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