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    Black out on Rikkord Memorial

    Thanks again mate, sorry for not going through your videos and finding these before asking, but i was posting from my phone. Im literally working 14 hours a day 7days a week the next 2 weeks so i wont have time to race but as soon as im back on more regular shifts i'll let you know.
  2. TwoShades

    Black out on Rikkord Memorial

    Thanks guys, I was wacthing the AA videos as i was writing the question. But due to them being from 0.9 i thought i might aswell bring it up here. Actual thanks alot for the new video, it really helps when having to map out the racing course, and you pull some amazing stunts. I'm wondering if my gamma will even fit in some the places ur run the M50, but i will test that a few weeks (going away for work until after easter Just a quick follow up question, how much do you run your boost? i know the M50 has a great turn radius, but what you are doing is.... Sigh im not sure my gamma will stay in one piece, if i try that. I'm in central europe so we might have to do a bit of planing to get a race set up, but im sure we can figure it out. And even if we don't we should get the racing part of this site going a bit faster
  3. Hi guys Due to not really being interrested in dog fighting in SC and there for not owning a proper combat ship i have been racing alot lately to prepare for the REC comming into play. I'm racing a Gamma and got Old Vanderwal down to about 1:10 which is decent. So i started doing Rikkord Memorial, but right now im struggeling with passing out at the shot to checkpoint 12 after getting major tunnel vision between 10 and 11 and was wondering if any of you out there had any advice on this? Slowing down is not an option, as i would never stand a chance against an M50 if i started to do this Racing isen't my main thing in SC so i don't have to be perfect, but i plan on hauling cargo for profit, then pick up my racer when hitting a civilized system and bet heavily on myself Get rich or die trying right... PS. If any one feels like racing a bit, let me know so we can set it up.
  4. TwoShades

    NEW FREELANCERS !! Are you going to get one ?

    I have had a freelancer ever since i pledged for the game, and just upgraded to a max. Can't wait to haul anything worth good credits across the stars "legal or illegal" And to all you fighters out there, i would happy to hire a wingman or two on thoes high risk major profit runs. Im all about running low profile, but having a few attack dogs when someone asks questions is never bad :twisted: Im totally open to nagotiating split profits aswell, something like 20/80 + free meals and a bunk on my ship on the longer runs.
  5. TwoShades

    It is downloading the AC now!!

    Hmm yeah us people stuck a work shoulden't worry to much, maps dosen't seem to be loading. No need to sit and stare at the downloading bar.... This however is however worth a few minutes and a smile :D UqfV3qjw0A
  6. TwoShades

    TwoShade's rig

    Well i guess the first post had to go somewhere and i thought it might aswell be here :D I run a fairly decent gaming PC, and was planing to run SC on atleast high settings. Case: Vision S-series PSU: Seasonic 650W 80plus Gold Motherboard: Asus B85M-G CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4771 RAM: Kingston 16GB DDR3-1600 HyperX Graphics card: GeForce GTX780 OC 3GB DirectCUII Hard Drive(s): Crucial M500 240GB SSD Solid State Disk, 1TB Seagate Barracuda (7200rpm, 6GB/s) Optical Drive(s): Ausu DRW-24F Monitor: Dell ST2410 Speakers: Some old speakers from creative (in dire need of replacement) Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Stick: Logitech Extreme 3D PRO