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  1. hey there fellow citizens. I started streaming now i have a great gaming PC and can run the game as i always wanted. highest setting and fluid. And now i can really start playing the game and send out some news, opinions, game play, role play, shenanigans and what not. My streaming channel name is MATTSONIC on TWITCH & YOUTUBE. Currently i also do a 10 x star citizen ship give away. Upon follower count 100, 200, 300 and so on up to 1000 followers on TWITCH please feel free to check out my channel and hit the follow button ..... YOUTUBE i wan
  2. 3500 for it all in the progress now to change the fleet as how i want it to be suiting my game direction and style... or better to be able flying a fully decked KRAKEN at any given time. that anniversary sale can't start soon enough. and next buyback token in a few days. i noticed loads of little lti's in the buyback.... good ones to get and then upgrade so the bigger ship will be lti aswell. it will keep me busy for some time.
  3. Got the ship and some more did cost a lil more though. i think these are the current ships on a quick look of my account. is a bit of a mess and will clean it up in the coming time. kraken 890 J endavor reclaimer carrack orion freelancer caterpillar raven cutlas cutlas black razor sabre vanguard 315p gladius arrow crucible starliner banu defender heartseeker
  4. Well i don't want to go to far into it. but lets say i have a new account, and i'm back in the game. downloading as i type. will have to redo some ships but will have to research which ones are best to put on this mammoth. what will fit on the landing pads, what will fit in the 2 hangers, what will fit in the dragonfly bay's, what will fit in the spare parts storage hanger and what i can drive in to the ground bay hanger. will certainly want some way of medical thing on board, for the rest it will be fighting power and maybe 1 that can blast a EMP out. need to do
  5. i do it was a very very weird sale ... you had to write them why you wanted one and be selected .... and even then there where only 3 waves of sales where the last wave was one for all and for store credits possible. and that sale made me furious at the time and and got me to quit. but since then my life went to s**t as i stopped gaming all together , and now im revising my life and i know that i need to do what makes me happy. MMO gaming makes me happy so going for it. though not 16 ships with a 4500 dollar ... but just one ship i want .. the kraken... and some fighters
  6. thanks for that , was talking to some trader already ... can buy one for 1997 euro's. currently i'm wondering if id wait for anniversary there are several outcomes. 1 ship does not go on sale 2 price tag might succeed 2000 euro (yes i live in europe where on some strange way the ships are higher up in euro then dollar while dollar is a few cents under euro value so somewhere we get screwed by sandy) the last role out sale wave the ship was 1650 euro and that price goes up every time , i'm guessing for a next sale it will go atleast 1850 euro. (is that 150 differenc
  7. I'm looking to find me the KRAKEN. I'm aware that if i'd buy off grid i'd have to buy the account with the ship. non the less i want to get one ship and one ship only this time, if any has a kraken where he or she wants to get rid of ... ill buy for direct cash.
  8. hello i have been here quite some time. and i left the verse for quite some time as well.... about a year or so. had a lot of ships , but decided to cancel the whole thing (gaming) but now i'm getting and having my life back on track again ... its time to come back. this time id like to get one ship .. yes just one ship. I'm looking for the DRAKE KRAKEN. does anyone know some one that has one for sale somewhere ? please send me a mail if you do. can/will pay in cash ... no problemo best regards , M van der Decken
  9. banner creater thingy does not save and merge the banner made in the signature. also the copy paste in the signature window doesnt seem to be possible. best regards , mart vandendecken
  10. astroid one because it's dirty and worn. filled with gear and tools you use to repair engines and such. like the irl hanger i have that i use to store my cars in and a restauration project car. a clean hanger ain't good , it means nobody actually does their jobs what they are paid to do ...... WORK / REPAIR / LOAD UNLOAD
  11. then that might be the last ship ill be buying as as my goal will then be completed. the goal toward the play direction i wish to go for that is. although i migt need a starfarer aswel to get fuel but maybe buying fuel is option.... 1 ship for exploring a bit 1 workhorse ship salvaging recovering 1 luxery cruise ship with a wow factor to poke ather peoples eyes out 1 big arse trucking ship as i'm a trucker irl and i love big s**t so a vessle i can afford that ia about 260 meters ... oh yes i want that one. and you wright thats what they all say ....... also counts for me hahahaha
  12. I'll live in my ship. the 890 is more then just a house... even if i'm at my hanger to pick up a other ship but feel to tired to fly straight out i'll stay in de 890 even if it's parked in the hanger lol
  13. Update to what ships i have today Constalation andromeda Aegis reclaimer Origin 890 jump And not to forget : P-52 Merlin 85X Runabout
  14. I just did it. I bought me one 890 jump , and ouch my wallet just got some extra elderly wrinkles i think. it will be my last ship that i buy though .... altough aint there a mega biggy haulership coming on lti market soon aswell ?
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