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  1. So you right. I should buy an contellation Aquila for 200USD lol. And I see lot of fiting we could put on this one. Now I don't know what I should take for Xmass... So, Thanks you Venn -_- lol
  2. Hi guys ! ( It been a while but back to my home after 3 months more at police academy school xD) Juste here to tell you more about my life. Now I know what I'll buy for Xmass ! It will be a Redeemer and 1 month before the party... I don't really know how we can fit it but I don't care it just look so cool and I can feel the Death bringing when you ride this "jewel" ;) So, Gunship we are agree but, How we should fit that one and could we fit for explo or transport or anything else ? Need an answer please.
  3. And who tried Star Wars The Old Republique dogfight arena ??? :D (I redownload it atm)
  4. I will buy it when Star citizen or/and EVE Valkyrie go out :P I didn't buy any PS4orXBOX one only to buy occulus rift ! This tool will be awesome facebook or not. The only think bad cause of facebook is that we maybe got advertissement :(
  5. Should We have to play something like war thunder or HAWX II ?
  6. Really hope to get nice sexy suit to show my big boobs to everyone ! :D
  7. I play Hawken too, I have to play in team with friends tonight. Maybe we upload the video in the few days Hawken looks like an arcade game MWO is a simulation game ;)
  8. Hi m8 ! (I love to write mates like this huhu) Just want to know if you play/try MWO ? Come on ! Add me as Zoruk !
  9. Nice ! but we need screenshot/concept art/artwork 8-)
  10. 1. Aurora MR (cause I bought the first package few months ago) I think to buy : 2. Avenger 3.Origin 315P 4. Constellation/freelancer or any ships will be nice in the next mounths. Anyway, a multi-crew ship for the org :D
  11. Should we ask people that telling us what ships they are already or they want to buy in the "Introduce Yourself" threat ? 8-)
  12. I think we can buy what we want atm. Maybe we could decide what kind of "role" we want to play when we could play together like while the arena commander fleet/squad fight ! :D
  13. Thanks guys and... I didn't remember that Melt function :D So let's buy anything without use my mind lol
  14. Hi mates ! I think I'm going to buy the Aegis Avenger cause I hope I could help Ulfric for Patrol Missions :D BUT ! I don't really know at the moment what kind of gameplay I prefered to play with. So, I begin to make a strategy and buy some different ships ! I want to buy a nice ship for exploration. Now it is my question : Should I buy the Origin 315p or Constellation (if we can run this ship in solo and team ofc ;) ) or may I should wait new ship(s) incoming and good for exploration (Caterpilar ?) ? Thanks a lot ! Best regards Zozo PS : I forget to tell that I already got a Aurora MR+ !
  15. Yeah ! Playing it (on pc ofc !!!) add me : z0ruk (yeah yeah, I know -_- the 0 from "zero" number -_- ) See ya in frontlines !
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