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  1. More goodies to haul back if you find something nice?
  2. Yup, also sad to see they really didn't do much in the "tone down the all the stuff" dept. Still looks amazingly busy over the ship...but a pretty shape none the less.
  3. Hehe nice, now you just need the Asgard beam weapon to blow some stuff up.
  4. Well I should be home by around 5 pm PST for the next few weeks now that I have started work again.
  5. You are so cruel! *SAVE THE SPACE SEAHORSE!*
  6. Steam: =USV=ADevilishPotato I like to keep things simple :P
  7. That's pretty much me. I've always been interested, but never really had an opportunity to play anything D&D related before. :oops:
  8. While I'm still not a fan of the space pliers, I'll admit that the white skin with them closed is starting to grow on me.
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