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  1. Hello Deathrises,


    I was not able to post in the Embasy forum so I figured I would post the message to you. 


    I am an Envoy representing The Corporation [https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CORP] and we would like to establish a relationship between our two organizations and help foster a sense of community and goodwill between us.


    The Corporation is based off of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation from the Alien series of movies. We have modeled our organization to function as an intergalactic economic powerhouse. We offer a full range of experiences and dedication levels to afford an environment that is conducive to any play style or preference. We have coverage in all of the main time zones and are constantly maturing and evolving to provide as much content for our member base as possible.


    If you are the right person, or you can connect me with a good point of contact, to formally establish the relationship that would be very helpful. We would also like to welcome you to appoint an Ambassador/Envoy to The Corporation. I can provide this person(s) with our Discord server information and put them in contact with our Diplomacy Division Leader (Kriv Aldent).


    We really appreciate your time and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship in Star Citizen,



    Diplomacy Envoy

    The Corporation


  2. we should all welcome Roy Urquhart to our org. He is a former member of Quasar Thank you Deathrises
  3. great idea this is what i Ben wanting to here. a good name would be TANN. tactical advance news network
  4. heres a link to a game community https://www.reddit.com/r/lfservers/comments/43ht7k/come_join_the_eternia_realms_lif_server/ and heres a web site http://eterniarealms.enjin.com/
  5. you got that right. i never stop my diplomatic duties to serve tactical advance
  6. sorry to hear that zeli i wish you would have come to me and told me and i could have taken care of that. if you would like to pm me we could talk about it and make it right. so if you would get on ts let me know and we can talk.if not i wish you the best and the door is always open
  7. The Intergalactic Trading Corporation (ITE, or IEMPIRE) officially joined PACT on 3 July 2015. The ITE is an organization that looks to the member’s interest and strive to become a community were members can find respect, help and great experiences by having a social and active community on a reasonable commitment level. The main goal of the ITE is to create a solid organization that is both functional and diverse in terms of professions, and to encourage exclusive and professional experiences for their members. To achieve this goal, the ITE has built an open community that promotes intimate collaborations that are both spontaneous and well planned. The main focus will, however, be investing most of its resources into manufacturing, transportation and finally selling profitable products to fund additional investments. This will in turn be used to build a strong security force that will act as mercenaries for other organizations and as their own military. HomepageRSI Organization Page Amaul currently serves as the PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of the Intergalactic Trading Empire. He is a founding member and the current leader his organization.
  8. Deathrises

    Our alliances

    Our alliances A benefit of Imperium's location will allow them to be one of the richest in the game. They will have access to some of the rarest materials. This will be a trickle down effect, explorers to find the minerals, miners to extract, transports to move, and military to protect. The Imperium Fleet will be second to none. While they will command massive numbers, they won't be superior for that fact only. A training program is in the works and will begin with alpha. The Fleet will be a home for any and all pilots that are like minded and drama free. One important aspect they will encourage is open divisions. While everyone will have a primary division when duty calls they plan on allowing members to experience any and all of the game mechanics/areas. SUN is united by a strong fundamental philosophy. They will be operating strictly within UEE law and seek to be a symbol of order in an otherwise-chaotic universe. To that end, it was felt that Founding Membership in PACT was a natural extension of SUN's goals and they will be working tirelessly to support this Treaty Organization to the best of their ability. This squadron will actively seek out their adversaries, those who threaten the well-being and security of the people who have done nothing to earn their ire or wrath. No matter where their enemies go, they shall find them. EV will combat them on their own terms, hitting them in force and then fade back into the blackness of space to strike again when least expected. They will be Eternally Vigilant and will use their information and resources to further PACT and its goals. ACES is divided up into 3 Divisions: Capitalists, Explorers, and Soldiers. Each of these Divisions are represented by 2 Councilmen whom are elected every 3 months. In addition, there is 1 Executive Councilman in charge of inter-guild, and inter-division relations. The 7 member Council is responsible for overseeing the general affairs of the group, as well as setting policies for their constituents. Beneath the Council lie a myriad of semi-autonomous squadrons. These squadrons can be created by any member, and perform any tasks and missions its members see fit. Squadrons are required to fly missions for the betterment of ACES 1-3 nights a week. When not performing these Official Missions, squadron members can play however they want, including continuing to fly with their squadron, or flying with a completely different squadron. The Terran Colonial Forces (TCFORCES) were accepted for PACT membership on 13 July 2013. TCF is made up of multiple branches. Currently, the strongest of these branches are TC:Navy and TC:Marine Corps. In the early days, it was known as Western Alliance; its membership and influence encompassed enough of Terra and Colonial worlds that the organisation was renamed to the Terran Colonial Forces. TIBERIUM has been founded based on hope: Former mercenaries, we were abandoned by our hierarchy in the middle of one of the most hostile places in the universe. Cornered on a derelict planet and facing a barbarian occupation, we have overcome the biggest challenge possible: Survive, thus braving the dangers of Tiber II, also known under the monicker of Tomb. And it is precisely to safeguard and spread this knowledge that we decided to create our corporation in September 2944. Long-terms goals include setting up a permanent headquarters in a star system within UEE Space that can act as a trade hub between various people and organizations. This will allow the 19th Corporation to maintain a vigilant eye on the space way to secure the region against pirates and other enemies who would threaten peace within the galaxy. The 19th Corporation seeks to be a Universe Leader in providing first-class private security and maintaining a positive reputation with regards to trade. Interest in PACT stems from the core members of the Horsemen, who are ardent anti-piracy advocates. They strive to maintain healthy and cordial diplomatic relations with other organizations. To that extent, the founding members of the Horsemen proffered a letter of candidacy for PACT membership. The Horsemen offer the muster of military power in defense of the PACT Treaty and a strong belief in the cause and mission of the alliance. PMC Quasar is a community of mercenaries, offering a wide range of activities. This military power is reinforced by a strong economy and challenges itself to ask the hard questions. Enlisted Citizens will benefit from its principles of mutual support and consistency, and will help provide a decent and rich life in the vast Star Citizen universe. Quasar is also one of two organizations involved in The Russian Universal Engineers (TRUE) Team of The Next Great Starship fame. Dead Men Walking (DMW) were accepted for PACT membership on 28 November 2015. DMW is the Star Citizen organization of the EU-based ‘Dead Men Walking Gaming Community’. They specialize in “Teamwork. Fair Play. Fun.” They provide a home for pilots who recognize that achieving success as part of a team is far more rewarding than racking up individual scores. Quite simply, pirates, frag-hunters, lone wolves, griefers, cheats and the plain selfish will never fit in there. DMW members come from across the EU, with the largest contingent from the UK. They cover a wide range of both abilities and age! They are an inclusive organization, so they don’t care how good people are at dog-fighting, navigating or FPS, but they have to be able to do it with maturity, respect and within a strong social environment at all times. DMW will be carving out a strong collaborative reputation in the universe, with PACT signatories and other organizations quickly learning that DMW members are trustworthy, reliable and great fun to have alongside, whatever the operation. They’ll be selecting a region of space for their home base to suit this objective and to maximize transit and gateway opportunities for their own organization and their allies. Needless to say, they’ll be ensuring that pirates are dutifully and swiftly cleansed from their space lanes. They may not be the biggest, but DMW will always punch above their weight in whatever ventures they are committed. They hold an above average number of ships per member, so will be able to field a great fleet whatever the task. Their main board has 4 Directors who take overall responsibility for their Communications & HR, Security & Logistics, Science & Industry, and Diplomacy divisions. Whilst the Directors undertake the strategic planning, each division has a divisional Head who then report to a specific Director. The Head of each division then handles operational logistics and planning towards their agreed goals. Their members have diverse interests in the universe, so they’ll be planning, contributing to and participating in, operations across all major areas. HomepageRSI Organization PageRSI Recruitment ThreadTeamSpeak 3 Server Tealeaf currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of DMW. Within his organization, Tealeaf serves as Director of Diplomacy and is a DMW board member.Smilodon serves as Deputy Representative. Within the DMW organisation, Smilodon is the CEO of DMW. Outside the organisation, both representatives are members of the Dead Men Walking Gaming Community Council.
  9. i am putting a poll up for games to play
  10. Great post Dirk. lets all get behind this please
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