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  1. Aselwyn1

    Crusader Mercury Join - Free SC reward

    Got it
  2. Aselwyn1

    Show off your Certifications!

    didn't do well top mark for me was only 7
  3. Humble every week has a free game dam
  4. So today there is land claim liceances for $50 for 4x4 KM and $100 for 8x8 KM anyone picking this up ? https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//16278-UEE-Land-Claim-Licenses
  5. http://www.pcgamer.com/grab-a-free-copy-of-watch-dogs-through-uplay-this-week/
  6. Aselwyn1

    Meet the Sabre Raven

    when these are for sale in canada its a very tempting for me to get a 900p now for a ship also
  7. wow this is tempting but i should trade in a few before i buy something this big
  8. Aselwyn1

    Battlefield 1 Every Sunday

    is this still being planned?
  9. Expensive but dam cool ship
  10. Aselwyn1

    Ark server up again

    Oh if i have known i would have bought it back on the steam sale
  11. sorry ment the free offer was only for the weekend
  12. Looks like its just for the weekend
  13. Aselwyn1

    TASE Racing Team

    Cool a TA racing team
  14. Aselwyn1

    Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Tayac System

    Thanks for posting this Akanoes
  15. Aselwyn1

    Here we are, and its good

    Cool bit of information
  16. Aselwyn1

    UTC Clock added

    Can i request a local clock also? also as the event calendar is in local time to what each user is at and should simplify things
  17. Aselwyn1

    Banu Merchantman is now $300

    good thing to note
  18. i really should use my CCU to get one of these at the older cheaper price hmmm
  19. Sweet added it to my account
  20. Aselwyn1


    That's really cool Good luck
  21. Aselwyn1

    Rogue-Jack (help is needed)

    R.I.P Rogue-jack
  22. WOW a steel is very much company of heroes i will definitely need to look into that game thinking i may wait till the steam sale to pick it up would anyone be willing to play multiplayer like we have done in the past with Company of Heros
  23. Aselwyn1

    Banu Merchantman is now $300

    YEP i got a $0 upgrade CCU for a MM wanting to get it LTI and could not get both a BMM and the caterpiller at the same time