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  1. Arena Commander Pilot's Guide Hey everyone, Jericho here! I am assuming that everyone is finally getting their hands on the Dog Fighting Module. Here is a the Arena Commander Pilot's Guide, posted on the RSI site from CIG, for everyone getting into Arena Commander. See you in the Verse! Link to the Arena Commander Guide! Arena Commander Pilot's Guide!
  2. NEW FEATURES NEW FEATURE: Awarding new UEE Observist Towel for all who backed before reaching $42 million NEW FEATURE: Awarding Subscriber Flair Item #1 (Interactive Calendar available May 9th) OCULUS RIFT FIXES/UPDATES BUG FIX: Fixed Warping to provide the correct perspective UPDATE: Adding True Stereo Rendering UPDATE: Adding keyboard command to toggle rift on/off (Numpad 1) UPDATE: Adding Key board command to recenter view (Numpad 2) UPDATE: Enabling orientation prediction KNOWN ISSUES KNOWN ISSUE: Character arms do not animate when Oculus Rift mode enabled KNOWN ISSUE: A rare crash may occur during startup. To resolve this navigate to StarCitizen\CitizenClient and delete the USER folder & Launch again LAUNCHER UPDATES: UPDATE: The Release Channel setting was renamed to Game Channel NEW FEATURE: The Game Channel select box now includes a short description of each channel option NEW FEATURE: Advanced Launcher Settings are now hidden if the ‘Enable Advanced Settings’ setting is not checked UPDATE: When the ‘Enable Automatic Updates’ setting is checked the Launcher will now check for new updates every 15 minutes instead of every hour
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