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  1. Starting an event to play a casual game of Battlefield every Sunday, timing will be discussed later. Message me if interested or just hop on TeamSpeak.
  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    Couldn't have said it better.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery

    I think it will be a very good show and I recommend it to all.
  4. Star Trek: Discovery

    My recording cut off at the end, but honestly I really did enjoy it. I thought it was a great episode and I'm ready for the season ahead.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition $4.99

    That is the exact reason for the low price.... Trying to get more people hyped for 2nd
  6. Star Wars Battlefront is only $4.99 with all 4 expansion packs(Season pass). $100 worth of games, All for 5 bucks! Join TeamSpeak and ask around, a few members currently playing. Found on Origin.com
  7. Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Gliese System

    So is each dev assigned to one system and when they get done with that system that continue on? How is that development going on? With the ideas and what will be on the planets etc. Or do they just give a group of people the task etc.
  8. My Build

    Pre bought spec: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ibuypower-desktop-intel-core-i7-7700k-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-240gb-solid-state-drive-1tb-hard-drive-black-red/5727202.p?skuId=5727202 Keyboard: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/strafe-rgb-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-cherry-mx-silent Mousepad: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/mm300-anti-fray-cloth-gaming-mouse-pad-extended Mouse: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/glaive-rgb-gaming-mouse-black Monitor: {Still waiting} Using temporary tv
  9. I was expecting that ship just to turn and blast you away haha @ichi
  10. Star Marine TA Team

    I am very interested, I have a lot of experience when it comes to fps games. I am a very competitive player and would love to participate. Pm for details.!
  11. Why its important

    Will we be finding more activity in the Academy when we have 3.0 released? Anything planned, daily events, tournaments(Star Marine 4v4's, Dogfights etc...)
  12. Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition $4.99

    Hahaha, look at me writing all bot like.
  13. Speculative ships?

    I would just love to see a larger ship thrown into arena commander etc.
  14. I was watching a streamer yesterday and he was asked if he would play Star Citizen when the game came out. His response was "No, because it has been in Alpha for as long as he can remember". So the question is do you think the lack of progression and delays turns people off about Star Citizen?
  15. Impact of the delays etc..

    I'm down, but I have to stick to my Aurora. Ride or die. So saying, you don't want it to become a Battlefield 4 where it takes them over 2 years after launch to finish it. I agree.
  16. Impact of the delays etc..

    I cant wait till 2021 I might actually go nuts, but that will probably be the release date.
  17. Impact of the delays etc..

    Which you are correct, when people start to see the game nearing launch you will see a bunch of new backers. As long as they do it right I suppose we will have the patience, I just don't want to wait then be sadly disappointed like games in the past. That is the risk I'm willing to take tho.
  18. Impact of the delays etc..

    Exactly, Hopefully its not a major disappointment because this community is based around this game.
  19. Impact of the delays etc..

    True, I just hope Star Citizen becomes everything they want it to become.
  20. Impact of the delays etc..

    You will find many people becoming impatient, especially when things become hyped up then their is a major setback.
  21. Teamspeak/Games

    Wondering if anyone would be interested to start a gaming session after the org meetings, if so what games would you all like to play?
  22. Teamspeak/Games

    I'm waiting on my new computer, https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zPhBnn This is the basis of it, not much will change with this. But I would love to tag along definitely. I was thinking of the game, Squad would be awesome if we had a couple people to play that as a organized group. Me personally I'm not very interested in Battle royal games, they just come in and out of style in my opinion.
  23. Total War Warhammer

    So Guys I have played the cr*p out of this game at least 120 hours in the game. Completed All the hard campaigns except chaos. And about 100 turns into Very Hard Empire and Dwarf campaign. New trailer for dlc?https://youtu.be/uOxvqLYxTDo
  24. We will knock this down to 8 names next round. Happy Voting..!
  25. Stream Straw Poll

    I dont have one as of now. Its Gavins stream so message him? I havent talked to him recently.

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