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  1. Kelly's Heroes was a great film, thanks for reminding it I have to re-watch it. And yes, all the salt surrounding the Gemini is hilarious
  2. Maybe we shouldn't post the images directly since it takes away the author's credit
  3. Page 8 is out, this comic is the s**t
  4. HR to me describes very accurately what you guys do, I wouldn't change it. Also community manager always sounded awful to me.
  5. Huh, didn't know there was an .xml for active keybindings. Kudos.
  6. /u/niteruner from reddit has uploaded the patch to his own server and is letting everyone download it to take some load off the CIG servers. The .rar is 25,6GB. If conventional download is slow or unstable, you'll find this useful. edit: also a torrent for both stable and PTU versions: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/232537/latest-stable-and-ptu-torrent
  7. Seeing as how the funding has been very stable over the years (approximately the same money per day, except on sales) these 'special' investors would have to donate their share gradually and regularly over a long period of time, as in 1000$ every day for a year or something. And just looking at this org, and this thread in particular, I'd say the average member donated well over 200$, which makes the 100$ average across all Citizens seem more than believable to me.
  8. They said they might be releasing it to live in the next few days so I'd wait if I was you.
  9. ​They're not, CR explicitly said so on several occasions. We'll have to get that Pegasus instead.
  10. Obviously, nobody will dictate when and how you play the game, you can level as fast as you wish. 
  11. @Innocence, Deadnotsleeping Even if you can switch over your characters, please roll new ones guys, so we all start at the same level.
  12. ​I think it's best if we all roll new characters, it would be pretty boring with 1 person killing everything while 10 others watch Starbuck, I will be there tonight but not for very long as I have an exam tomorrow morning. Also I don't think a special forum is necessary unless this gets a LOT of traction. Not even Arma has a subforum for itself. I can open up a permanent TS channel tomorrow when I log on. Game is downloaded, see you all there
  13. ​Yup, this is pretty much why E:D wasn't even considered... not sure what their logic was with that system. Starbuck says Tera servers suck for cross-continental gameplay which would force us to split the guild into NA and EU (and maybe AU) sections, which is pretty bad. So SWTOR is the current top contender looks like.
  14. ​I always liked the idea of PS2, but only if we had a capable leader at the head. I want someone who knows what they're doing coordinating and directing everyone. Otherwise it's just a disorganized mess - fun, but very casual. I think an MMO is a good idea because there is no limit to how many people can play at once unlike most coop or group-based games. We could level up and adventure together, and no one would be starting ahead. I picked Tera as well because it seems like a good balance of visual appeal, gameplay, popularity, cost and difficulty. 
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