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  1. Prompted by a... heated discussion we had on TS yesterday. Let's say the TAC organization gets its hands on a Bengal. My main question is: sell it, or keep it? I'm not gonna put my own opinion in this post to avoid bias. Note that if you vote for keeping it, assume that you would have to put in work to maintain it. That means defending it, operating it and, yes, probably also babysitting it so it doesn't get attacked with nobody on it. Would you put in the work? If you would rather sell it, what would you do with the moneys? Would you rather have it distributed equally across the guild, or would you have the org itself use it for something (for example, purchasing an org-owned mining station, etc.) Discuss. [disclaimer]
  2. Some of you may know Delogic, he's one of our more creative and less lazy members (check out his signatures concept here). Well, he's worked long and hard and managed to create a fully functional Tactical Advance skin for the teamspeak. Here's what it looks like: And here are very detailed, easy to follow instructions to install it: STEP 1: DOWNLOAD THE FILES! There are 2 files you need: "gfx" and "styles". You can find both of them in this Dropbox link. If you lose that link, it stops working, or you have a general problem using Dropbox, you can just visit our TS server and download it there. Here's how: 1. right-click on the Star Citizen General channel 2. select Open File Browser 3. Double-click on the zip file called tacticaladvance.zip 4. a download window should open up. When it finishes, you can double click on the file in there to open it, or find it in your Downloads folder on your PC. STEP 2: MOVE AND INSTALL THE FILES! Now that you have your files, you'll need to move them in their appropriate places. First, find your teamspeak install folder. The default for Windows is: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client. Move both downloaded files (gfx and styles) into your TS3 folder. A window should pop up asking you if you want to merge the gfx and styles folder. Select yes. Now fire up Teamspeak. Go to Setting -> Options, and then select the Design tab on the left. You'll see 3 drop-down menus: Style, Theme and Icon Pack. Don't touch Style, but select tacticaladvance for both Theme and Icon Pack. You will need to restart teamspeak at this point for some of the changes to take effect. STEP 3: ENJOY YOUR NEW SKIN!
  3. Venn

    WOW - Them Negative Waves !!!

    Kelly's Heroes was a great film, thanks for reminding it I have to re-watch it. And yes, all the salt surrounding the Gemini is hilarious
  4. Venn

    Star Citizen Comic

    Maybe we shouldn't post the images directly since it takes away the author's credit
  5. Venn

    Star Citizen Comic

    Page 8 is out, this comic is the s**t
  6. HR to me describes very accurately what you guys do, I wouldn't change it. Also community manager always sounded awful to me.
  7. Venn

    "Church" with Alpine

    Amen *sip*
  8. Huh, didn't know there was an .xml for active keybindings. Kudos.
  9. /u/niteruner from reddit has uploaded the patch to his own server and is letting everyone download it to take some load off the CIG servers. The .rar is 25,6GB. If conventional download is slow or unstable, you'll find this useful. edit: also a torrent for both stable and PTU versions: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/232537/latest-stable-and-ptu-torrent
  10. Venn

    Consolidated Outland ?

    Seeing as how the funding has been very stable over the years (approximately the same money per day, except on sales) these 'special' investors would have to donate their share gradually and regularly over a long period of time, as in 1000$ every day for a year or something. And just looking at this org, and this thread in particular, I'd say the average member donated well over 200$, which makes the 100$ average across all Citizens seem more than believable to me.
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    They said they might be releasing it to live in the next few days so I'd wait if I was you.
  12. Venn

    this picture will blow your mind

    ​They're not, CR explicitly said so on several occasions. We'll have to get that Pegasus instead.
  13. Obviously, nobody will dictate when and how you play the game, you can level as fast as you wish. 
  14. @Innocence, Deadnotsleeping Even if you can switch over your characters, please roll new ones guys, so we all start at the same level.
  15. ​I think it's best if we all roll new characters, it would be pretty boring with 1 person killing everything while 10 others watch Starbuck, I will be there tonight but not for very long as I have an exam tomorrow morning. Also I don't think a special forum is necessary unless this gets a LOT of traction. Not even Arma has a subforum for itself. I can open up a permanent TS channel tomorrow when I log on. Game is downloaded, see you all there
  16. Venn

    Placeholder MMO?

    ​Yup, this is pretty much why E:D wasn't even considered... not sure what their logic was with that system. Starbuck says Tera servers suck for cross-continental gameplay which would force us to split the guild into NA and EU (and maybe AU) sections, which is pretty bad. So SWTOR is the current top contender looks like.
  17. Venn

    Placeholder MMO?

    ​I always liked the idea of PS2, but only if we had a capable leader at the head. I want someone who knows what they're doing coordinating and directing everyone. Otherwise it's just a disorganized mess - fun, but very casual. I think an MMO is a good idea because there is no limit to how many people can play at once unlike most coop or group-based games. We could level up and adventure together, and no one would be starting ahead. I picked Tera as well because it seems like a good balance of visual appeal, gameplay, popularity, cost and difficulty. 
  18. Venn

    Star Citizen Servers ?

    We squeeze!
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    Alpines Pic of the day

    So when they say the cutlass comes equipped with a tractor beam, do they just mean the pistol? Or does the person holding it come included?
  20. Venn

    Alpines Pic of the day

    You should probably start providing credit with these
  21. Our member Mantas and I used to play this old browser-based still image MMO called Ogame, and we decided to give it another shot. We're looking for more players to join us link What is OGame? It's free, and it's in space. Think of it as a dumbed-down, simplistic EVE. You control a number of colonies, which you develop through building mines for resources, research facilities, defensive mechanisms, shipyards and so on. Once you're strong enough, you can start working on a fleet to attack others with. Combat occurs with 0 player input - once your ships arrive at a target planet, your strength is weighed against the enemy, and if you win you get to take part of the resources on the planet (and salvage a large part of the destroyed ships from both sides). How is this any different from the thousand other Pay2Win browser based games? I think there are 3 main distinctions. First of all, you can't log out. Not really. Even if you close your browser, your planets are still there, with resources piling up, and your fleet sitting there with a giant bullseye on it. Anybody can come and take your stuff. Likewise, if you find somebody careless enough to do the same, you can take his stuff (provided you have a big enough fleet). Second of all, actions take real time to complete. My next Crystal Mine level will take 55 minutes to finish, and this is a fairly low level, on a server with a 4x speed multiplier. Attack fleets commonly take about 1h to get anywhere in the neighborhood. Some ships take 10 minutes to build, which doesn't seem a lot until you consider how many hundreds of them you'd like to own. And the 3rd distinction is what makes this game so captivating: its depth. You'd never expect how many mechanics and functionalities they managed to cram into a browser game. There are techniques to attacking, defensive methods that counter them, offensive strategies that counter those and on and on and on. It's up to the player to master them all and be careful enough to always use them. Being defeated in OGame is only ever the player's own fault for making a mistake - because there is always a way to make your fleet 100% safe. If you're interested, let me know in Teamspeak or in this thread. The server Mantas and I are on is called Betelgeuse. Quick-start Guide (for new players): to start with, build a Solar PlantSolar Plants provide energyenergy is used to power minesbuild Metal and Crystal mines as much as possible, until about level 7 or 8, you don't need Deuterium at the startwhen you feel like it, start exploring the Facilities page, primarily the Research Centerresearching stuff costs a lot of Deuterium so at this point you'll want to invest into thatDon't worry about ships yet. OGame features something called Newbie Protection, meaning until you have spent a total of 5,000,000 resources in the game, nobody can attack you and you can't attack anyone else, so you're completely safe for a long time (several weeks at least). Take your time, explore, ask questions, make mistakes, it's really hard to f**k up significantly this early on. By the time you're out of NP, I'll teach you enough to take care of yourself. FAQ: There are things I can't build yet even though I have enough resources, WTF? Almost everything in the game has prerequisites. You can't build a Shipyard until you have 2 levels of Robotics factory and so on. If you want to build something, click on it, and then on the orange icon that says Tree, this will show you all the different prerequisites you need to unlock that specific techWhat are the numbers below my main planet? Something like [1:143:8] The Betelgeuse universe (server) is split into 7 galaxies, each galaxy has 249 solar systems, and every system has 15 planets in it. The numbers represent each of those in turn, they're effectively your 'coordinates' or address, in the gameIs there a Tactical Advance org in it? Obviously, and we're currently recruiting! I hear it's pretty tough to get in though. /sHow long does it actually take to accomplish anything in the game? I'm not gonna lie, this isn't a game you play for a bit and then give up. It depends on your definition of accomplishment, but building anything like a decent fleet can take half a year if you're careful. This is a long-term commitment. But it's not like anybody is going to blame you for giving up if you don't like it, so feel free to jump in and at least give it a goI have other questions. Again, talk to me in teamspeak or in this thread
  22. Venn

    What is the best rig to run SC ?

    I'm kinda hoping that if I get a 970 it will be able to run SC with Oculus... 
  23. I was thinking how cool it would be to have a standard logo featured in all org-related youtube content we put out, either at the beginning or end of the vid, or to keep in a corner throughout the thing like real TV channels do. I think 'TA TV' has a ring to it, so I was wondering if someone could come up with a design, I was thinking along the lines of this crude mockup: Let me know if anyone's up for it
  24. Venn

    [ART REQUEST] TA TV logo?

    Nah, just a regular 2D one