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  1. Hello fellow Explorers! Excited to be in TA and more specifically in the Explorers Club since that will be my main focus in SC. I do need some help from an Admin or Director please. I would like to change my TA name to reflect my SC name please. Who can a talk to? Thanks!
  2. Hi TA family. I have been a member a long time but never really contributed much. Please accept my apologies. I am really waiting for the game to drop before I start playing heavily and I am glad to be a part of this group. Here is what I need help with. I currently own the Starfarer Gemini w/LTI. Should I upgrade to the 600i? I ultimately want to be an explorer and that ship looks really nice. I also love the Gemini though . I cannot afford both, but I can afford the upgrade from the Gemini to the 600i. I guess what it comes down to is do you believe one could make enough in game money from the Gemini to afford the 600i in a reasonable amount of time...3-6 months? I know that answer may be difficult to answer. Thanks for your advice, -niles
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