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  1. Kartigan

    Arma 3

    I'm going to be playing this as well. Haven't really played it except maybe some Altis life for like 20 minutes lol
  2. Kartigan

    Photos From The Hanger

    Pretty Cool dude! 8-)
  3. Kartigan

    SC Interactive Map

    Very cool find. Gracias Señor!
  4. Kartigan

    Gamer Tags

    There are 2 of you and neither has a setup account. No clue which one to add :roll:
  5. Kartigan

    Gamer Tags

    I had the same questions but I figured that one out lol.
  6. Kartigan

    Gamer Tags

    WarThunder is pretty sweet! They just patched it big time too not too long ago so learning it all over again but it's a good time. Ill add ya.
  7. Kartigan

    Gamer Tags

    As you can see from the previous 2 chaps, nope lol. Almost none of my friends have the same id. Crazy unless you pick a combination of letters and numbers 8-)
  8. Kartigan

    My Work/Gaming station

    Pretty Cool setup Primas! :D
  9. Kartigan

    Naming your ship

    I'm calling mine Spaceball One. Boom!
  10. Kartigan

    The So-So

    The So so? lol It's a beastly PC dude. Well done! 8-)
  11. Kartigan

    Photoshoping for the orginization

    Baddass good sir. Thanks! 8-)
  12. Kartigan

    The Year

    I haven't seen a year specifically for when the universe is set in. I know RSI was 2075 but one of the manufacturers were founded in 2772. So I would say to play it safe for your story after that? Good Luck!
  13. Kartigan

    Gamer Tags

    Hey All, I noticed there wasn't a thread for this which is something I enjoy a lot which is playing with other people on different platforms. Post your Gamer Tags if you wish below. Feel free to Add me on whichever platform with just a message saying TA so I know where you're from! Origin/Steam: KartiganX PSN: KartiganX XBOX: KartiganX
  14. Kartigan

    Photoshoping for the orginization

    I like the sleekness of the 2nd. Can you make it 1920x1080? Thanks!
  15. Kartigan

    What i have so far

    That is mucho stuff dude. The consensus lately is everyone will be getting an oculus rift. Have you actually demo'd one?