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  1. Prospector and Orion, glad to crew others Orion as well. Looking forward to those big lasers and massive mineral bags
  2. Dual boxing is not cheating, but SC is more or less designed to keep your full attention/concentration. Dual boxing won't be a reasonably feasible option without using scripts or macros and the like. One of the most simple uses of two full accounts would probably be visual monitoring of a given location (could be hiding somewhere you know you will soon fight, or monitoring a mining field ect ect). One "may" be able to use it to monitor prices at a specific location, maybe they won't update instantly to whatever galaxy wide trade network, prices have a delay to update and it might allow one to
  3. Why a 1200 watt power supply? you only have one GTX 960? first assumption would be at least dual graphics for 1200 watts. I have a 1200 watt psu myself, but it was before the super power efficient recent cards came out, and I was/am planning on running dual cards. Waiting for the next note worthy GPU gen to come out, probably still at least a year an a half I think for them to release. Thanks for sharing!
  4. These are all of our allies by association through PACT. Do we consider our association to these organizations/corporations the same as a typical alliance? I would assume a typical alliance (a direct alliance between two organizations, without another body or organization between them) would maybe carry more weight? In my mind, they are our allies, but not nearly as close as a typical ally might be. Really too soon to do too much alliance/multi-org co-operation as its very hard to know what the org is about since they (nor us) have a track record in game. I am a supporter of PACT from what I
  5. Thank you for your post, and the detailed introduction. I enjoy the longer thought out posts/comments! Looking forward to working as part of PACT to keep the verse safe and fun at its core. I'll be thrilled when I have the opportunity to fly with SUN out there See you in the verse, Sir!
  6. ​I have dual 2x Samsung 840's in RAID zero, not at all concerned about the increase in chance of drive failure, i've got two other internal HDDs 1x 1 TB and 1x 3 TB drive, and a 3 TB external drive, network connected. Plan to have dual boot configuration with linux on one of the HDD's as well, doubt i'll use it so often, but want to multi-boot.
  7. Soo puuuurdy, thanks for the proper high resolution shots my friend! Love the interior, so much fantastic detail, and they did the lighting proper on this one!
  8. ​I have an I7 3770 just no the unlocked version. Stock cooler is perfectly fine on this, it generates way less heat than i recall processors of the past generating, especially since it scales its processing power like all intel chips now. I got an after market cooler, but "only" because i wanted a 4 pin fan connector. I got a low profile one, don't like the over-sized monsters. I see no justification for that kind of cooling anymore. Also see far less reason to overclock either (one major reason people need more cooling). My CPU temps went down a little, but don't care either way. These chips
  9. I'll be gettin in on PC soon probably, is not available until April 14th, but that may get pushed back, already has 2~3 times i think. Would join you if i had it on the Xbox tho, still have my 360, will probably get rid of it soon though.
  10. Farewell VaderGnome, peace be with you Sir.
  11. Yea, no way to get around its vulnerability. I agree that the side mounted is better, even if just because its different and makes it more unique. This is NOT an aircraft its a space craft. No doubt you will need screens for the pilot regardless of c**kpit position. If your in a dense field you need to see behind you and whats behind you (if the fields are truly dense). If we don't have this visibility "somehow" there will be lots of roid bumps in those dense fields. Someone in team speak mentioned rear view mirrors, that would help drastically, but still won't get you full rear visibility.
  12. ​We will be able to transfer in space for the ore. They mentioned that big operations will need a transport, so there is a way. Something that was written somewhere lead me to believe you can dock directly with the saddle bags and extract contents, i would think this would throw off the balance of the weight on the ship though.. Since those things are spinning, take out weight in one, and you end up with a wobble. Weights of that amount wobbling.. not cool. I feel some kind of tube type conveyor belt would be better for ore transfer, allow ships to be further apart, and cargo manager on the Or
  13. I've purchased it, hoping the "leasing" mechanic/feature works well because i plan to have this available to lease to as much of the org as possible any time i'm not using it (not to just anyone, don't want it to go boom). Not sure how that part will work, maybe it can be available to higher ranked TA members within the org - its a operations only ship if we're honest. Way to vulnerable to go out on its own. I envision a good crew being capable of a whole lot, team work and fine coordination will be fun in this thing. Especially with a few of these, chewing through asteroids just to get the th
  14. Woohoo, congratulations 22Actual, super awesome. I'm also a Telephony support tech for a regional bank in my area. I'm good at figuring out whats wrong with your computer, not necessarily hugely valuable in game but. I want to be involved in Industry & Trade, not sure what specifically, I think I would like to mentor and train new people on mining (and or whatever else specialize in within I&T). Would love to be a part of organizing and maintaining mining operations. Also love support roles, and tend to hover toward them. Need to see more on the game to see what I might be able to p
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