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  1. if we see power strugles in europe we know TA is charging his batery pack
  2. im there, and Templaralso , i put sometimes somethink in research here and there
  3. 12 civilian victim on Loreville killed by NPC...
  4. Bunker site with automated AA defence and it hurts pretty nasty
  5. crashed satelite at Hurston with my new ship
  6. crashed satelite at Hurston with my new ship
  7. well, u dont know what u find on ur way to job
  8. Do we have any german lawyer? I think someone is violating my rights and need advice b4 i end in jail.
  9. i have aurora, but i will get somethink with guns
  10. im pretty good behind a gun ;) but i didnt get the question,so i have no idea what u talking @, so i will keep fun my way and help where i put my nose.
  11. ok, i got it, it work, just during instalation change name of the destinaton folder and then run the hotfix folowing instructions whats in package...
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