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  1. Bought the Mother-board / CPU and Quad Channel Memory. I had to modify my theme "Did not make the list for the Green H440 Razor case." Going with BLUE /White Internal and Black/Green External. Overclocks to 4.4ghz With ease., This has all the muscle I need currently. When skylake comes out I will upgrade the CPU to one that supports 40PCI-E lanes Current CPU supports 28. BUT has 15mb of L3 Cache (epic amount for home pc) Perfect for 2 EVGA Nvidia 980's running at 16x and 8x SLI and M.2 PCI-E 4x. Fills out the 6 Core cpu perfectly. if you want the minimum for hard-core this works perfect. Special note to Z97 owners you have 16 PCIE lanes total so x8/x4/x4 is what your GFX in SLI plus Next gen storage will be forced to run at or single GFX card in 16x with no high speed storage. (HS storage is Ultra M.2 or SataExpress both of which use 4x PCI Express lanes to achieve 32Gbit/s)
  2. It will be all of these. Less payload (weapons) but will be a short range, Dedicated fighter. Not sure if it will be equiped with a jump drive.
  3. not only do i like the game, Chris is one cool dude to boot.
  4. Aggressive... I take my resources seriously, if its mine it's going to cost you to take it from me.
  5. I agree. I do not want anyone holding my hand. I hope for full danger and profit to mining.
  6. I've found this setup really starts to shine when entering Newtonian mode and exiting, the acrobatic maneuvers are to the extreme end of the spectrum. If they do not Nerf the maneuverability, the Fly by wire "gunners" will be at a severe dis-advantage. Will not mater if they use missiles and speed tho. EX: Flying in a death spiral with an enemy pilot, then entering "Newtonian mode+Gsafe off" for 3 Sec to target fire then re-engage fly-by wire will not only give you a firing solution but also change your flight vector by an extreme amount. (Removing G-Safe settings is a must) You WILL black out for 2-3 sec but the change in position is so OP is does not matter. Re-peat till aggravated and disheartened pilot dies. This is next gen flight guys. 6 axis will be a must.
  7. if they want me to spend some more cash they will need to add a multi-crew ship for mining.
  8. Wait for H1Z1 then make a play date. should only be a month or so.
  9. Played 7 years went past the point of complexity for me. Became more like work than game. If they would have left it more like Red Moon Rising, I would still be there.
  10. cry-engine F2P isn't it?
  11. Just don't pull this move if your opponent is carrying a scatter gun type of weapon. I plan on being a "Boom & Zoom" style pilot. (lots of speed) Freelancer MIS remove extra guns and cargo for engines. use re-loadable missiles as primary. Battle plan() Come in range release salvo exit full speed repeat. "Called Kiteing" Most likely anything able to catch me will not be able to kill me fast enough.
  12. Removed the Skull Helmet for a more conventional setup. EDIT: Fixed helmet size Shading Contrast and opacity's and Cleaned up the Logo Area any changes or additions ?
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