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  1. Interesting. I've always wanted to play with delidding, just never had the guts. I've got an old Indigo Xtreme kit I may break out and try, too. Picked it up a while back and never used it. Always great to see different CPU cooling ideas.
  2. Super nice. AAA gaming on the go at high fps, beautiful screen, delidded proc w liguid? Well done, H, have fun.
  3. From the specs that looks like a nice build. I've got the same SSD and there's no going back. All your gear looks great and can't wait to see pics. Nice job.
  4. SLIdog

    Lil' ABE

    The Combat version is better but both felt overpriced, lightweight and kinda cheap imo. CH's aren't bad just not my go to. If you're a casual simmer the Combat version will be an ok upgrade but Saitek. Pedals are useful to me so I bit the bullet and ordered Crosswinds. Only tried them out a bit and still recovering from sticker shock but pretty much night and day.
  5. SLIdog

    Lil' ABE

    Lol. When I first brought ABE online our Superbowl had a blackout that stopped the game. My son blames me still...
  6. SLIdog

    Lil' ABE

    Thanks, no, it's a 30 inch HP. I'm waiting on the perfect monitor, hopefully later this year or early next.
  7. Hi, guys. Almost done with a new build and thought I would give you a look. The case is a Lian Li PC-08. I'm running an i7 5930 on an Asus X-99 Deluxe board with 32g of Corsair Dominator Platinum running at 3000MHz. I've got my old EVGA 780 Ti Classifieds in it for now. My 980 Ti Classies are in his big brother and I'll run with these for a while until the new Nvidia series shakes out for the upgrade. 1080 Ti Classifieds sound pretty good. I've got one 360 rad in the back and the 240 up top. Vardar fans except for 2 Gentle Typhoons exhausting the back chamber. Haven't installed an OS yet but temps on the CPU, GPUs and VRMs are all pretty good from the UEFI. So far I'm liking the EK monoblock, should keep my overclocks stable. The logo is in the final stages and I should be transferring the image to the front panel in a month or so. The cover is being made now. If anybody's interested I can update this when I get done and start benching. If anyone wants to see this guy's big brother as well as "Sandy", another build in a Lian Li case, the PC 2000, they're both in previous posts. Oh, forgot to mention, I just had a major rudder pedal upgrade. Can't wait to try these boys out in SC.
  8. Not for the front Treibwerks which all run at their default 1250. I have a Lamptron Touch to control the 5 back intakes but I just use it to monitor my case temps. They have a default speed of 1850 which keep them silent and balance the air draw out the front, which is strong, and leave the case with a slight overpressure. Early on I did ribbon testing for air flow and temp probes looking for static hot spots but those 20 front fans clear the thing out and even the top corners are cool. I lucked out.
  9. Thanks, man. Yeah I hear you, 'specially for the classies, you don't have much choice but EK. They're good, though. No, the tubing I'm using is just white Primoflex from PrimoChill. I've used a lot of different combos of tubing and dyes but was never happy with the dyes though they may have changed by now and gotten better. I just use distilled and Deadwater. Tygon Silver is supposed to be good if you like the look.
  10. Although I've had a good run with my 780 Ti Classifieds, it's time to upgrade. I built ABE to try and minimize bottlenecks but I'm starting to get those pop up boxes from games (looking at you, GTA 5...) politely telling me 3G VRAM is getting lame. Writing on the wall time and a chance to tear into ABE. Well, I've had a solid blast hammering on my 780's and blowing through Advanced Warfare, Witcher 3 and the like but I see Fallout 4, Doom and the new Hitman on the horizon (and oh dear god The Division if it ever gets here), so... Happy time... In with the new. The twins. He ain't kiddin' Back on the line. A word about ABE. My main focus when I put him together was to learn from my mistakes and bottlenecks in the past (system temps from OC's, power, airflow and case temps, noise). I wanted to run a single loop but figure out how to run multiple PSU's, pumps, large reservoirs and push/pull using my low speed Treibwerks on high efficiency XSPC rads (two triples and one quad). I wanted component flow to return to a rad before going to the next, have the whole thing be a silent, highly overclocked 24/7 and of course, game like a boss. I've got 5 Gentle Typhoons doing intake on the back and so even with 25 120mm fans the only sound is the breeze coming off the front (the thing really is a wind tunnel). I wanted to be able to handle any heat load without batting an eye. I wanted quick disconnects on everything so I could yank out parts and replace them without disturbing the loop or needing to drain the system (hate that). All of that, plus me sticking my sausage fingers in to mess with stuff all the time, meant building a big boy on wheels. No LAN parties for this BUFF. So far my temps on the new cards during break-in are good with 31C after an hour running Heaven at 1417 stock and I figure the TIM will be good after a day or so and then off to the races. My 780 Ti Classies get stock clocked and go into my wife's system upstairs. She has no clue but I'm guessing she'll be Crushing Candy like never before...
  11. Thanks for the kind words, -EricJean-. Yes, my desk downstairs is only 4 feet across and extends 2 1/2 feet from the wall. Fortunately, on that desk, I tend to mainly do computer things.
  12. I moved this build upstairs to replace a gaming setup I shipped to my son in Guam. Trying to decide which joystick/throttle combo gets to come out of the closet. My new mouse is an old favorite, a SteelSeries Sensei. From downstairs I brought up my former main keyboard, a cherry blue Stealth Ultimate. My K-95 is shaping up to be a good one, though. I've always had luck with Corsair and I like the feel of this board. I'm definitely getting used to the tactiles with the reds but I have an old school fondness for the clackity blues. Personal taste, I guess. Physically the aluminum body is really sturdy and I like the way the keys stand above the deck. Anyway, it's looking like a keeper and when SC allows full optimization, the macros on this board should be useful. My main box just finished a maintenance cycle so since I've got the top down, I thought I'd post some phone pics before closing him back up.
  13. Thanks, Miles Hardeem. I appreciate that.
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