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  1. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic RSI Handles   

    All RSI handles submitted to this point have been added to the first page of the thread!
    Add em all and See You In The Verse!
  2. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic RSI Handles   

    All to this point have been added to the first comment!
  3. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic The Next Great Star Marine Hub   

    This is great, but to me it feels minimal, or more along the lines of a scout recon helmet. If this is for TNGSM and the competition is going to be based around a mech suit, I think the helmet should be closer to the tier that the suit is gonna be, maybe a tier 7 helmet or something. Just my thoughts. 

    The comparison between these two helmets is mainly around visibility. A mech one or past tier 3 should offer lesser visibility but also more armor  
  4. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic RSI Handles   

    While this will not be necessary soon, it will still serve as a good library for members to meet members they may not regularly engage with on TS  
  5. Corbin_Jones added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    RSI Handles
    Hi Guys,
    In an effort for TA to find members in SC a bit better, please submit your RSI Handle. With this list you can then beef up your SC friends list or find and add that one person with weird name that is almost as complex as string theory.
    Add the contacts from the list below and add a comment to the thread to bookmark the point at what you've added, come back later and add more from the list or after your last comment. 
    PLEASE NOTE, people can not add you if you are listing your Profile name, as the RSI seach function only searches through Handles.
    The list so far...
    Airborn4life   >   Austin195 
    Qetesh      Mart_Vanderdecken
    RadicalEdwardd       MMGlitch
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  6. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic The Next Great Star Marine Hub   

    Hey Director, when we were in the general chat in TS before this post was made, the question of personal shields was asked and shut down as we all believed there would be no personal shields in SC PU. However I've been playing 2.1D today and spotted this about an hour ago in Covalex in one of the EZhab rooms where you collect a data/audio pad.
    It answers a question I think about if there will be such a thing or not in the PU

  7. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic The Next Great Star Marine Hub   

    I've just had a thought. The description RSI gives for the mechanic suit says nothing about combat.
  8. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic The Next Great Star Marine Hub   

    Hi Director,
    I was a part of the initial discussion on this and like the idea of our org entering the competition when it becomes available to do so. Here are some thoughts I've had since our group talk on TS.
    The back, as in the back of the suit. this area for me is the prime are to hold all the ammo & power and possibly a static armor shield in place to protect it. like with most heavy characters, this will be its weak point and allow for good balance vs light combatants (no one wants a mech/exo suit that cant be taken down with a lot of effort by others wearing less than a mech suit. Think boss battles).
    I think the jobs you have listed are good, unsure about how a trader would work though. I would also suggest something for salvage, think more like you have a Reclaimer but there is salvage within the hole of an asteroid. This would be a variant of the Cargo Transporter job you have but more tailored to salvage. That being said the focus should be that this is a combat suit and that these modules can be purchased for different functions rather than here is the different variants of the suit.  
    As for the EVA system, the placement and method of jets/boosters I'm unsure and I know you were not keen on my Mobiglas idea but hear me out. The Mobiglas should be included as it is already a function in the game and will be usable in combat situations, we know this already, so maybe the default setting of it is that it extends a small joystick to your left palm that rests there during battle for quick and easy access to EVA functions, maybe not, maybe don't even think about EVA controls, after all, we currently use The Force to control our EVA suits in 2.0/2.1! The Mobiglas should also provide some function over the suit but not combat functions, SOS, foot anchors or mag boots, I dunno. Point is, don't leave the Mobiglas out its useable in the verse so give it some practical use with the suit. 
    Corbin Jones aka CJ - out!
  9. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic Reporting for Duty   

  10. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic Good morning   

    Welcome to the org!
  11. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic How Do   

    Welcome to the org!
  12. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic Hej.   

    Welcome to the org!
  13. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic G'day from Australia   

    Welcome to the org
  14. Corbin_Jones added a post in a topic The names CJ..... Commander CJ   

  15. Corbin_Jones added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    The names CJ..... Commander CJ
    my name is Commander_CJ, i'm a child born from the 1980's so i'm now in my 30's and it is impossible to be born in the 80 and NOT be into Star Trek, Star Wars & anything related to space or SiFi.
    I live in the midlands, UK close to Coventry if you wish to know more and I work in the Health & Social Care industry working with vulnerable adults. 
    Growing up in the 80's I was growing up side by side with the gaming industry in that, everything was new, exciting and must be discovered. Sitting outside on my neighbors front porch as a kid, watching my neighbor's son play Tetris on his brand spanking new Gameboy and begging for a chance to play it, offering my BMX as payment for a go on it was the normal for my age at the time. This was the start of my gaming passion. 
    I have had many gaming devices, starting from
    Atari 2600 - with massive cartridge games plus a one button stick controller (oh yeah!)
    Saga Master System where everything was fast and epic
    Sega MegaDrive where Sonic The Hedgehog ruled my life for at least 3 games
    Up to this point I was only toying with the world of gaming, going to bed as I was told,  doing homework on time, discovering the world outside as I went on trips (to school),
    then the Sony Playstation came out! From this point it all changed. Ridge Racer came out and I would spend entire days playing from the evening right through to the next morning trying to get that elusive Black devil Car only to find out there was a While one to get too! 
    Playstation 2 Sly Cooper all the way
    XBOX - Master Chief was the only thing this lump of metal was good for
    Playstation 3 - was only good for the exclusives like MGS, Uncharted, it was all about the......
    XBOX 360 - this was where I came into my own. Owning over 250+ discs and going through 4 consoles over 8 years, what a machine!
    XBOX One - another great machine but the cost of console gaming makes my title collection grow at a steady but slow pace but suffice to say, when i'm not working, doing things for my family or sleeping...... i'm gaming. 
    Which leads me to the now, well kinda.
    Back in June of 2014 I was patrolling the news feed of the website, not looking for anything in particular but then I came across this thing called Star Citizen......... I looked at the post and was instantly intrigued, I immediately got on over to to see what it was all about from the perspective of someone talking about it rather than just words on a screen. Some guy called Tactical Advance was covering it and the excitement in his voice and the presentation of his coverage just grabbed me. One of his vids said that 'anyone new should check out the RSI youtube vids' so I did, every TFTC, WH and all in between i watched over a 2 week period (had to sleep and work in between). I was hooked (your fault Tac) but i didnt even own a PC. The decision was not even that difficult once i watched all the content RSI had put out and all Tac had put out at the time. I backed, joined TA org, went into work and asked for all overtime going for the foreseeable future. In August 2014 I got my first gaming worthy PC.......
    CPU                         AMD FX-8350 Eight Core CPU (4.00GHz/8MB CACHE/AM3+)
    Motherboard             Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 AM3+
    RAM                        16GB KINGSTON HYPER-X FURY DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz 
    Graphics Card          6GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980ti
    Hard Disk                480GB KINGSTON V300 SSD
    Processor Cooling    Corsair H55 Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler
    Operating System    Genuine Windows 10 Home

    SC gameplay wise, I like to do more than just combat, what ever I do has to contribute to the greater goal rather than just doing endless combat for the sake of combat. I'm more leading towards the exploration, Haulage and any other duties that land me on a Carrack and an Idris (in that order lol), and maybe at some point owning &/or Commanding an Idris on TA org driven missions.
    Thats me.... any questions, please just message me, the answer wont be this long
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