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  1. A Star Citizen Article That Is Worth Reading So unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you will know that the epic game we are all here for (Star Citizen) has taken some time in its development with its mindboggling funding of $125M and, it has come under fire from some people, and one guy in particular (He Who Shall Not Be Named), but there is an article that was released on 23 September 2016 from journalist Julian Benson. 7 months of research and interviews with both current CIG staff & Roberts himself as well as staff no longer working on the project. The article is quite long and I think it is a reflection of the history of Star Citizen’s development to date. Worth a read, check it out here
  2. This is great, but to me it feels minimal, or more along the lines of a scout recon helmet. If this is for TNGSM and the competition is going to be based around a mech suit, I think the helmet should be closer to the tier that the suit is gonna be, maybe a tier 7 helmet or something. Just my thoughts. or The comparison between these two helmets is mainly around visibility. A mech one or past tier 3 should offer lesser visibility but also more armor
  3. Hey Director, when we were in the general chat in TS before this post was made, the question of personal shields was asked and shut down as we all believed there would be no personal shields in SC PU. However I've been playing 2.1D today and spotted this about an hour ago in Covalex in one of the EZhab rooms where you collect a data/audio pad. It answers a question I think about if there will be such a thing or not in the PU
  4. I've just had a thought. The description RSI gives for the mechanic suit says nothing about combat.
  5. Hi Director, I was a part of the initial discussion on this and like the idea of our org entering the competition when it becomes available to do so. Here are some thoughts I've had since our group talk on TS. The back, as in the back of the suit. this area for me is the prime are to hold all the ammo & power and possibly a static armor shield in place to protect it. like with most heavy characters, this will be its weak point and allow for good balance vs light combatants (no one wants a mech/exo suit that cant be taken down with a lot of effort by others wearing less than a mech suit. Think boss battles). I think the jobs you have listed are good, unsure about how a trader would work though. I would also suggest something for salvage, think more like you have a Reclaimer but there is salvage within the hole of an asteroid. This would be a variant of the Cargo Transporter job you have but more tailored to salvage. That being said the focus should be that this is a combat suit and that these modules can be purchased for different functions rather than here is the different variants of the suit. As for the EVA system, the placement and method of jets/boosters I'm unsure and I know you were not keen on my Mobiglas idea but hear me out. The Mobiglas should be included as it is already a function in the game and will be usable in combat situations, we know this already, so maybe the default setting of it is that it extends a small joystick to your left palm that rests there during battle for quick and easy access to EVA functions, maybe not, maybe don't even think about EVA controls, after all, we currently use The Force to control our EVA suits in 2.0/2.1! The Mobiglas should also provide some function over the suit but not combat functions, SOS, foot anchors or mag boots, I dunno. Point is, don't leave the Mobiglas out its useable in the verse so give it some practical use with the suit. Corbin Jones aka CJ - out!
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