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  1. Welcome!

    Thanks for joining in today and hope you had fun! 


    Welcome to the org



  2. I have a couple questions about the event. 


    Why do you have to have a Valkyrie? Can we have a Hoplite or cutlass as they have seats in the back. 


    As the Valkyrie slow and for the crew size not much fire power per person. 


    Do you have to take the ground vehicle with you. Or can you pull it at the closest outpost. As I cant think of any ships that can hold the Ballista at this time.


    What if the ship holding the box get destroyed?


    I don't know about other people but I cant post on that message.  

    1. Corbin_Jones


      you should be able to post on there bud. i will see if others can.


      and the reasons you say is why the valkyre.... want it to be more a ground combat than anything else. also, its up to you and your team the way you use.... everything! and if the box is destoyed then the game will switch, but not saying what that is until that time

  3. Hi All, Come along and join us in-game on SC Live if you can for an org meeting event, details below for those that can join in game, but the meeting is for all members, online SC or offline SC. Hop on board our delightful and elegant 890 Jump, The Quinesar where we will host you our guest and cater for your every desire. Please not that all times noted in this communique are in the galactic standard UTC. Passengers are required to report to Port Olisar on the 7th of September 2949 and boarding starts at 7pm UTC, so please arrive early and prompt in time to board at Pad 00A. The Quinesar will depart at precisely 7.30PM UTC with our destination AcrCorp Area 18. Please ensure that you bring light hand luggage only as due to a staffing issue, there are no bellboys to facilitate transfers of larger luggage items. At 1930 hours The Quinesar will depart Port Olisar and head on a bearing to ArcCorp at sub-lightspeed until approximately 2000 hours, at which point we will engage quantum drives for the remainder of the journey until we reach ArcCorp space. During this time, guests are free to roam all areas of the yacht except for the bridge which is for authorised personnel only. Please note that there is a meeting in the front dining and conference area for org members. We hope you have a fantastic time across our luxury yachts The Quinesar & hope you will board for another trip soon.
  4. Why guys, With so many of us in the org taking the helm on doing activities with org members, now seems like a good time to get some feedback on a few things surrounding events. To this end I am going to host some polls.
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