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Corbin "CJ" Jones

AKA "The Bear"

AKA "The Raven" 


Hey I’m Corbin, newly appointed Military Director for the org. I’m based in the Midlands UK and am a avid Star Citizen player and have a lot of knowledge on the game. I don’t have all the knowledge but enough to answer many questions.

I enjoy other games too and will hang out in Team Speak most days and join in on the fun.

I feel I’m approachable so if you have any question at all, feel free to catch me on Team Speak, Steam or message me on the TA website.  


My current aims are to build the military division of the TA org to a great structure that will be both self sufficient and adaptive to org situations and needs. My thoughts are, the Military will be able to work on its own, but more importantly, it will also be able to fluidly work with the other divisions of the org and support their needs also. While it sounds simple, this is a bigger task than you think, so this is my work at the moment. If you want to help me with this, get in touch…

See you in the verse.

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