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  1. I'm pretty sure that's really old concept art... it's probably just something generic the artist threw in.
  2. According to RTV, the Reliant sale will be next week. (http://imperialnews.network/2015/05/reverse-verse-ep47/)
  3. ​It can transport cargo too. The containers are interchangeable. And human players will only be 90% of the universe, especially in safe systems. There will be work for any type of role.
  4. The message at the end was priceless.
  5. ​They confirmed that it's not quantity limited.
  6. Known aliens: BanuTradersNeutral/friendly with everyone, so they can tradeHave little inter-system authority in their space (lots of pirates and outlaws hang out there)Vanduuluniversally hostile to humansmade up of independent clans that raid to build their own kingshipstill neutral-ish with Banu, so maybe get Vanduul stuff via Banu?Xi'anwere in a cold war with humans for a long timenow kind of friendly and starting to work togetherTevarinHumans conquered them -- now part of UEEKr'thakEnemies of the Xi'an, so humans haven't contacted them (but know they exist)ancient relicsancient civilization that disappeared. Explorers can solve this mystery.Don't expect anything other than that group for a long, long time. Creating an entire new race is a tremendous undertaking, and CIG will need to spend their time elsewhere.
  7. ​Yes, the description of the Starfarer says that it can be outfitted for any cargo. And with the design post they just made, I think that's confirmed -- instead of a fuel container, just take another type. But really, I have no idea how they got to 4043 and I actually think it's either wrong or major changes were made to the ship. So all bets are off.
  8. ​Actually, the SCU they gave for the Starfarer is nuts -- 4043. A lot of people think this is off, assuming the old sizes are still accurate. But let's say that 4043 is accurate... Yes, the Hull C has 600 SCU more for just slightly more money (remember that costs are lower during concept sales), but it can't land! And can't collect and process fuel. So if anything, the Starfarer is a huge steal.
  9. I think it was like $195 last time around. Somewhere around there.
  10. First, just because ships can go over 500m/s doesn't mean they'll let them. Trying to dogfight at 500m/s would not be interesting.
  11. I'd say there's a 90% chance of a SQ42 mission ending with us getting severely injured, and waking up on one of those tables to start the next mission.
  12. This patch note might indicate that two players entering an existing public instance of SB might enter on the same team. Who has the PTU? I absolutely need to test this!
  13. CR said something like "it feels huge now", which made people think it got bigger. A dev confirmed that they didn't increase the size, but they made better use of internal space.
  14. ​That article is from the Frigate version -- 238m. That's the current size.
  15. ​There were two Idris JP's -- the first one was the Corvette. The second one was as a Frigate, which is the current size. The Frigate one included the Infirmary: /http://i.imgur.com/lpRrDbT.jpg
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