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  1. Hello, so so I just got my Kraken, it glitched during purchase and the concierge team just let me buy it so yay. And I’m broke again. I’m curious what the other Kraken Captains are planning to do with theirs? I’m also taking suggestions lol. I will edit tomorrow with what I’ll be planning.
  2. I grabbed a Hull E after I melted my Caterpillar
  3. Howdy ladies and gentleman Thanks to help from 22 Actual, Cybin and Mr. Clementine, we have successfully multi crewed a cutlass black. Steps. 1. Join a private battle royal or squadron battle together. With one of the pilots in a cutlass. 2. The two not in the cutlass eject and make your way over to the cutlass. 3. The pilots can fly to the co pilots seat or the gunners seat and press "F" repeatedly until they enter the seat. 4. Have fun flying around as a crew and have more fun! Notes: if either copilot hits "X" after they get in the seat the cutlass pilot will lose control of the ship. There aren't any screen effects for the copilots but you can see everything from your point of view. Haven't tried the copilots using "insert" to switch views, post if it works. Have fun, fly together and Fly dangerously Redlack
  4. I've been playing it for a while and it's not the funniest game I've played but it does scratch the space sim itch kinda. As said above it is slow but remember it's literally a galaxy worth of systems to play in. That's a lot. Example I have a jump range of only 28 light years and I can jump to like 40 systems. It's fun and it can be addicting. Just remember to upgrade your ship whenever you can and never have less than your insurance cost. If you need advice for getting started just ask here. I've ground from 1000 to millions a couple of time so let me help you have fun. One thing you have to give frontier is that on launch day the game is stable and not lagging out your eyeballs. It's the best game launch I've seen. The ships grow on you mostly because of how they sound and look from the c**kpit. Once the corporation system gets implemented I'll start up a TA Corp and get us a good home to protect the innocent. Fly dangerously Redlack
  5. I've switched it up again. Aurora LN 325A Cutlass blue Caterpillar Constellation Andromeda I figure if pirates can use the caterpillar for raiding I can use it for resupplying in a combat zone. Coni and cutlass are my go to combat ships. Aurora and 325A are the ships I plan on starting with until I figure out where it's save to fly and how to avoid suicide rammers. Fly dangerously, Redlack
  6. You can play till December 16 before the game goes live. Giving you a head start
  7. Went on ahead and grabbed the blue because it says it still has the docking collar in its features listing. If it doesn't I'm converting it back to the black. Fly dangerously Redlack
  8. Aurora Ln 325A Freelancer DUR Cutlass Black(fps boarding ship) Constellation Might get the Carrack depends on final stats at sale. First ship bought in game IDRIS M gonna work my butt off for it. Fly dangerously, Redlack
  9. I will be working my butt off to get an idris, anyone willing to help would be very welcome. After I get it I will be willing to be a mobile base and mover. Looking forward to the pu. This is going to be fun. Let's plan it to work be. Fly dangerously, Redlack
  10. They are selling about 890 per sell event for a total of 3500 any that don't sell will be available for the rest of the week. http://www.partedveil.com/index.php?utm ... te=3511731
  11. I couldn't make it but I liked the email. I'm looking forward to future events. Fly dangerously, Redlack
  12. I'll be out all day but I'll try to be there. Redlack Fly it dangerously
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