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  1. Friends and Foes... Fairwell o7

    I am sorry that you feel this way Gav. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. Take care, buddy.
  2. Video I thought was cool.

    That is pretty cool. I can't wait to live out these scenarios for real in game. it's going to be lots of fun. I mean, that's why I'm here anyway.
  3. This Eleventh Day

    This Eleventh Day So many people to remember, on this eleventh day, I never had the chance to meet they've all been swept away My anger still lives on inside and the pain I feel runs deep We must not forget what happened here as they all lay down to sleep My questions go unanswered as to why it came to be That someone meant to do all this, someone wanted us to see All the families being ripped apart by rock and steel and flame Then followed all the chaos, and then the death tolls came How many did we lose today how many would we find Each candle means a broken heart and a family left behind I never even knew their names I never saw a single face And like so many times before No one's there to take their place We ask how this could happen what could we have done All the fingers start to point waging war on everyone But it will all calm down again our little lives will tumble on Yet we will still look back someday and see those towers gone And if they were all still here with us what would they have to say.... So many people to remember, on this eleventh day. Rod (NuttyRob) Robinson September 11, 2002
  4. 10 for the Chairman: Episode 85

    This meme is about to embody the nature of persistence...
  5. Greetings from M.E.R.C. Corporation

    Welcome @Semila, I look forward to our organizations getting to know each other better. It sounds as though we have a great many commonalities and I think we could work very well together. I look forward to our future discussions.
  6. Naval Action!

    I have heard of this game form a few people now. I think I will have to check it out. I was in a discussion with a fellow at my university yesterday who had never heard of Star Citizen. After I picked my self up back into my seat I showed him the door to this wonderful world. He almost immediately started to draw similarities with Naval Action, I will definitely be looking into it.
  7. The Next Great Star Marine Hub

    This sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to show off the talent we have in Tactical Advance. I hope you guys get this off the ground and come up with something great!
  8. Creepy GIF

    I swear, I have no idea how I even got to this thread...I was looking at the anime post and I was in my teamspeak and clicked over to go back to the forum homepage and this naked creep was lunging at me...what the hell is this? This is the creepiest thing to happen to me in weeks...
  9. Anime

    Oh nice, this will keep me plenty busy after my study sessions when I need to cool down my fleshy, overheating cpu, lol. Thanks Rum!
  10. Even if the org website had tools for this, it wouldn't show us how many "active" member's ships we have. I'm actual quite pleased with this idea.
  11. Bue Dragons Century Star - Episode 1

    I'll fix it up, @Calien. @zeus_anoxia, after you paste something into the text editor, highlight the funky letters and click the (Tx) button in the tool bar. It removes all formatting and fixes right up.
  12. If the matrix was produced by EA

    This is the longest GIF I have ever seen in my entire life. And the most accurate.
  13. Embroidery Patches/Logos Service

    I had a pretty good site lined up as well. There are a lot of ways we could do this though. I think we should talk about it. I like to collect patches, myself, so I am definitely behind it.
  14. I moved this topic here for now.
  15. Ooops, I duplicated this post. Well done Zeus. I disappeared topic.

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