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  1. NuttyRob added a post in a topic I am leaving Tactical Advance   

    It is truly sad to lose you, Cal but I understand your reasons. Probably better than most. I would like to apologize to you and wish you well in the future. Fly safe. 
  2. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Friends and Foes... Fairwell o7   

    I am sorry that you feel this way Gav. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. Take care, buddy. 
  3. NuttyRob added a post in a topic I'm fucking off.   

    Bye bye Max. Its been real. Take care of yourself. 
  4. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Video I thought was cool.   

    That is pretty cool. I can't wait to live out these scenarios for real in game.  it's going to be lots of fun. I mean, that's why I'm here anyway. 
  5. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hello from London   

    Welcome to Tactical Advance, @AJSawyer it is definitely great to have you here. Let me know if you ever have any issues the door is always open. 
  6. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hi!   

    @FriendCalledFive No rush buddy. We have all kinds here and you are always welcome to just hop on and listen to us yap about who knows what. No pressure mate, its just more fun engaged than not. 
  7. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hi!   

    Hello @FriendCalledFive, it is really great to have you here. I hope you are liking it so far and definitely don't be shy. Let me know if you ever need anything, we'll get you sorted out. Welcome to Tactical Advance!
  8. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hello from Australia   

    Hello Lord Seb, it is great to have you here. I can definitely relate to the university study taking up a lot of your time. I am in the same boat. I look forward to working with you in the verse. 
  9. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hello fellow Citizens!   

    Welcom to Tactical Advance, Vizzo. It is great to have enthusiastice members among us to help keep everyone engaged. Hope to see you around on TeamSpeak and in game. 
  10. NuttyRob added a topic in Off-Topic Discussion   

    This Eleventh Day
    This Eleventh Day

    So many people to remember,
    on this eleventh day,
    I never had the chance to meet
    they've all been swept away
    My anger still lives on inside
    and the pain I feel runs deep
    We must not forget what happened here
    as they all lay down to sleep

    My questions go unanswered
    as to why it came to be
    That someone meant to do all this,
    someone wanted us to see
    All the families being ripped apart
    by rock and steel and flame
    Then followed all the chaos,
    and then the death tolls came
    How many did we lose today
    how many would we find
    Each candle means a broken heart
    and a family left behind

    I never even knew their names
    I never saw a single face
    And like so many times before
    No one's there to take their place
    We ask how this could happen
    what could we have done
    All the fingers start to point
    waging war on everyone
    But it will all calm down again
    our little lives will tumble on
    Yet we will still look back someday
    and see those towers gone
    And if they were all still here with us
    what would they have to say....

    So many people to remember,
    on this eleventh day.
    Rod (NuttyRob) Robinson 
    September 11, 2002
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  11. NuttyRob added a post in a topic 10 for the Chairman: Episode 85   

    This meme is about to embody the nature of persistence...
  12. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hello I'm Deadly (Get it?)   

    Thanks for that. 
    I know the wife wants to be closer to her family and I would like to be closer to mine but in the end its not quite as important to me as it is to her. We are going to look at the decision logically (best career location, school disctrict, local political climate, cost of living etc...) so I have no doubt we will be just fine. 
  13. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hello I'm Deadly (Get it?)   

    Lol, that's one more out of 1100+ so it's still over a thousand to 1.
    It is demanding,  I would say positively brutal.  I've always been really good at maths and physics and these classes last semester have been a humbling experience. Never have I felt so brainless and inadequate. But I got through it,  even with some significant RL hurdles I pulled it off. Only 4 semesters to go. 
    I would love move back to Utah but the wife is from Minnesota so we are going to have to decide one or the other or somewhere in between. We like it here and all, my kids have never lived anywhere else,  but I think we are gonna dip as soon as I graduate. 
  14. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hello I'm Deadly (Get it?)   

    I got stationed out here in 2002, I was at a few different units but always stationed here. I got medically retired for an assortment of service related stuff.  I'm currently working on my bachelor's for mechanical engineering at NC State University.  Once I graduate we plan to move somewhere closer to home so it's up in the air still where exactly we land. 
    We are a rare breed though, us Utahns?
  15. NuttyRob added a post in a topic Hello I'm Deadly (Get it?)   

    Glad to see you on board,  @DeadlySniper007 it is great to have you.  I grew up in Salt Lake City before I joined the Marines, I sure miss home. I also am not Mormon but that is always the first question I get, lol, so I can relate.  I recently built a new computer but before that I had a laptop from early 2007 and I was quite certain I had the oldest machine so you may be in the running for record holder, maybe we should find out. 
    Like others have said,  feel free to join in as much or as little as you like,  just listening in and text chatting on teamspeak is perfectly alright.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.