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  1. Except the Taurus doesn't have a Merlin. :) If a Taurus would require more then 2 people to be fully operational, it would also mean all other connies would need more crew then the current 4. You'd suddenly need 5 or 6 players. And with only 4 beds, which double as escape pods, I really doubt it.
  2. Appearantly a Bengal is a persistent object in the verse, so if you would log off, the ship will remain. It's not possible to own it, at best you can try to hold on to it while dozens other guilds will try to take it from you. :)
  3. And what would they do exactly, besides sitting there? :) Those seats don't serve any purpose and don't count towards the crew count. Again, Taurus only needs 2 players to be fully operational.
  4. So 1 person is going to man the turrets, and what are your plans for the other 2? The Taurus is a 2-man crew.
  5. Even better, it's free to play during the weekend as well, perfect to try before you buy. :)
  6. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/NrW88d Going £23 over budget. :) - Liquid cooling, can be dropped to stay under the £1000 limit. - 8GB ram instead of 16GB, right now you really don't need more then 8GB. There are no games at this point (that I know) that demand more then 6GB. You can always add an additional 2x4GB next year. - SSD added, 240GB is more then enough for Windows, programs and a good number of games. You could go down to 120GB but then you'll need to be much more selective to what games go on the SSD. - 2x TB hdd's, you'll want to run these in RAID0. Much faster then a single HDD and you won't run out of space for a while. - Still the GTX770, but a 4GB edition. - DVD drive, you didn't have one in your original build. - Win 8 instead of 7. Note: I picked 8 and not 8.1 because it was £7 cheaper. :) You can install the 8.1 update yourself for free.
  7. Even if the Cutlass is faster then the 300i, it doesn't make it better. Twin engines also means double the ammount of fuel needed, making the Cutlass cost more to operate, and reduce its travel distance before needing to refuel. And when fully loaded, it's safe to asume it will be a lot slower then any of the other fighters. Plus, now that item decay is confirmed, it's possible that the Cutlass will break down faster, to reflect its low budget design/craftmanship. Which will cost more in repairs. When flying purely as escort, it will make a lot more sense to fly a 300 series (or any other light fighter) instead of the Cutlass.
  8. The cutlass is 33 tons, the 300i is 20tons. But the Cutlass has 2 engines versus the 300i's single engine. Unless you carry more then 7 tons of cargo, it should in theory be faster then the 300i. Off course, that's just based of the stats and asuming that the engines are equally powerfull... Untill we can fly them ourselves, and compare them, it remains a whole bunch of speculation.
  9. If budget allows it, I'd go for this GPU: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/gigabyt ... vn770oc4gd 4GB instead of 2GB. I have that one, and I'm pretty happy with it. :) I don't understand the monitor choice either. 18.5" is tiny, it doesn't even support Full HD and only has a VGA connection, no DVI/HDMI. At very least get this one: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-vs228hr 22", FullHD and HDMI/DVI Besides that, I can only echo Venn. These days you'll want an SSD, and there's no reason to get Win7, just go for Win 8. Edit: As for the Win 8 GUI, just install Classic Shell and forget about the Metro interface alltogether.
  10. True, but if another player would take a gunnery position, you'd pay him as well. :) I hope we do have some sort of input in the npc's combat behaviour though. It would be nice if we can designate targets for them, instead of them shooting random at whatever enemy is closest or happens to be in their line of sight.
  11. It's twin engines should make it faster then the 300 series and the Hornets, but it's slower then the Avenger or Freelancers. With 16 maneuvering trusters, it should be quite agile though, which would make a large difference in dogfights. Besides the turret on top, you have 3 main guns, as well as missiles, though there's no mention to the ammount of missiles yet. It should pack quite a punch. But to use the Cutlass to its full potential, you'll need to have a 2nd player (or npc) manning the turret. The interior is a bit larger then you'd expect as well. I was quite suprised by the cargohold size.
  12. Are you sure? Class 5 hardpoints are specificly listed as "manned turrets", while Class 4 hardpoints are listed as "turrets ... which may be crewed by another person". At least according to the wiki, no idea how accurate that is though.
  13. I wouldn't call them outmatched, a Freelancer will be faster and more manouverable then any Connie and when flying solo a Freelancer only loses its rear guns, while the Taurus loses a much more important top turret. Even though I switched to the Taurus, I might still grab the DUR again as additional ship. I agree on the MIS though, if you're looking for a gunship, that would be the one. The automated missile reload system should be very usefull. Off course, the MIS is currently unavailable for purchase, so you'll need to grab the base model or the DUR and upgrade at a later point, or ingame.
  14. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.c ... ale-3-0/p1
  15. It's listed as 340m long, an additional 100m compared to the Idris, it's a safe bet it will be more expensive.
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