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  1. God these tacos are delicious. But you know what's better then delicious tacos? The Blue Squadron!
  2. Art aside it's not an MMO. There is no "persistent universe". Everything you do on a planet vanishes the moment you leave it. You can actually play the game "offline". Funders offered to throw them lots of money for them to expand the scope of the game and turn it into an MMO but they were like "nope". TL/DR you have a procedural generated single player exploration game. Nothing for our community im afraid.
  3. Depends on the quality of the product. Nothing makes me sadder then a half ass'd org shirt. It must look so amazing that I would be okay wearing it outside of a star citizen event.
  4. Sorry you feel that way! Fly safe, Dirk Mire
  5. What you believe is irrelevant and nobody is saying you can't believe in this stuff, it just doesn't belong in general chat. You got salty and left after I interrupted the conversation by saying if people wanted to continue the conversation, that it would be best if it was in a separate channel. You took offense to this and left. And yes of course Arkx is going to interrupt you about saying this stuff in general chat too. From the sounds of it the real story is that your frustrated you didn't have the opportunity to finish your train of thought in the channel and now your salty because you feel like others did. Unfortunately, that doesn't take president in those kinds of scenarios. Also I wouldn't suggest creating an ultimatum like that because if that's the way you play you best put your walking shoes on.
  6. I was there during that. A conversation on team speak got too political and I was forced to break it up. You took most offense by me intervening and left the channel before I was done talking. Now you leave the org? Your choice m8. Can't be salty about the leadership process if you go about interrupting it. If you want to talk about controversial ideas you guys need to do it somewhere that isn't general chat. You can't honestly expect me to let you finish your train of thought about being anti-marriage equality in a community that is LGBTQ/deviant friendly in the general chat.
  7. You should contact them, they have a policy not to delete characters and will recover your account.
  8. I don't think that's specifically how it works. Historically, it wasn't really like that. Also the story quests are honestly pretty fast, you can power through that np. still, the expansion doesn't come out for 5 days.
  9. Greetings everyone, I have heard a lot of push for our organization to take on a live MMORPG that legitimately has content and is a reasonably new release. This is a big hurdle and undertaking when it comes to our organization because we struggle with the fact we currently back Star Citizen. Through much discussion throughout the high command we have looked at many different types of games. Everything from Ark to ARMA 3 we have reviewed. After a final meeting we have decided we as a community will back Final Fantasy 14, Heaven's Ward. The high command will be backing this movement, everybody including myself and Tactical Advance will be gathering on Final Fantasy 14 along with the launch of the new expansion. Why have we chosen FFXIV? It's not an early release game, it's solid with seasoned content.The new expansion allows us to introduce ourselves with relative equal footing.There is both PVP and PVE content.There is lot's of community building mechanics like Guild Housing.It covers a genre we haven't traditionally catered to, fantasy. It will help us expand as a gaming community. Yep, this game is quiet unique and we as a community are vast. We have many different types of players, this game will probably not be a good fit for a lot of people, but this is the same hurdle we face with any other game. The other hurdle is the game is fairly pricey, it's a AAA game with a subscription model. Here is where pricing is laid out: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/heavensward/#reserve I highly encourage people to hop on board and help us march to victory! For Tactical Advance! Cheers, Dirk Mire
  10. Hello Tactical Advance! We have yet another glorious month pass us by. Many people have stepped up and achieved many things with a special thanks to the Industry and Exploration Councils currently being founded. However, one mans efforts have stood out beyond them all: Calien. Thanks to Calien, we have pushed further and further into the expansion of our community news letters! His selfless dedication and advocacy for our news letter program has flourished into quiet an amazing project! Calien has chosen 1 bar subscriber flair as his choice reward. From all of us at Tactical Advance, congratulations Calien! Recent News: Thank you everyone at Tactical Advance for making this the best damn gaming community! Cheers, Dirk Mire
  11. What timezone are we shooting for to maintain regular activity? Trying to figure out if I can make this reasonably viable or not for my self.
  12. Haha, Yeah I wouldn't mind floating the idea of picking up a temporary MMORPG but we would need some reasonable community interest otherwise it would be a waste of money.
  13. Howdy everyone!    I have started the community member of the month award! Based on the high command feedback, Absurd Raccoon has earned the first annual award, choosing the TAKUETSU MUSTANG DELTA MODEL.  Absurd Raccoon has earned this award for his selfless dedication to recruitment in the recent months, taking the initiative in various timezones to facilitate the development of our community!  Thank you Absurd Raccoon for all that you do!    See you all around next month for our next edition of... Community Member of the Month!    Cheers, Dirk Mire    
  14. Get well soon m8!    I'm sick as a dog too so I can totally empathize :(!
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