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  1. Yea at the moment i dont think we will be able to choose between if you should go with the radeon VII or 2080. Im also going to upgrade just waiting for proper benchmarks to release since i also dont need ray tracking and dont whant to spend x2 the amount for a feature im not going to use. But yea the leaked benchmark of the radeon VII is not a good guide to go on to see how it performers agains the 2080 since we dont know if the card was overclocked or not and the drivers could still need to be optimized. Im also hoping nvidea will bring out new high end ca
  2. i got the little I9 7900x with it, I wanted to get the 7920x but there was no stock. But still happy with the one i got
  3. Bought 2 Titan Xp in December trying not to read any of the article of the new volta chip set cards to not be tempted to upgrade again, trying to keep them for at least 2-3 years.
  4. OK thanks, going to go place my order. It luckily comes free with a few of those extras now you had to pay for in the past. I'm basically only going to use it in SC and a few single player fps games to see if it's a bit more immersive but also with mouse and keyboard or flight stick. I did how ever saw thy are working on a glove to replace those controllers so that should be fun to try out when it launches. Thanks FCF and Drakin
  5. Hi guys I have a quick question. I saw the oculus is listed at 400 usd, so was wondering if any of you guys have one and if it's worth buying it since its half the price of the HTC vive and I'm mainly going to use only the headset part non of that fancy room scaling cr*p I have to pay extra for. Thanks I'm busy upgrade my PC again for when I head home in November so buying parts as thy go on sale to save a bit, so on the web every night buying cr*p I don't need but it's fun as long as jy don't look at your bank statements
  6. OMG i wish i could buy you a few beers for showing me this THANKS!!!
  7. yea thanks, at the moment it is not fun playing from south Africa, but will go back to the US just hope i have time to play again
  8. yea i only upgraded my sabre to the comet version and when to visit my dad on the farm were there is no internet to keep my from buy/upgrading my other ships. I have to admit it was hard to stay away from the sale but thank god its over. My next goal is to buy only 1 more ship next year and hopefully that will be it.
  9. yea I'm a subscriber but only got $125 off from original price but still good.
  10. OK so I just got the email from rsi and when I saw I can save $125 I immediately bought the Polaris
  11. I realy whant this ship prob just to say I have one but to pay 750 might be a bit much. + I allready have 3 some what large ships and a few small ones. But will see when it gets released Sunday I might buy it then, my sister is prob going to be mad that I'm spending all my money I get from overseas since she is incharge of my credit cards back home. But maby she will not notice it.
  12. Hi yes, going to buy it on Monday if it's still available then, have to wait for my money to clear back home. Im working in USA now but will be on a 4 month holiday end of November before having to work again
  13. YEA it is fun I just bought it a few days ago as well and loving it. but is there a svr TA guys are playing on? I'm currently screwing around on local unofficial svrs, but if there are svrs with allot of TA guys on it would be fun playing there and get to meet more of the guys I'm with in TA
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