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  1. A lot of interesting items came out of the Live Stream, for me them releasing their internal schedule was a big surprise. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report With it we can see their roadmap and plan. 3.0: The Stanton System 3.1: Mining & Refining 3.2: Repair & Salvage 3.3: Farming & Rescue ... ? 4.0: Jump Points
  2. @BristolBoy Get script together for this weekend, poise the question to the org that in a future episode you would like to Brian Chambers. Pick a name, leaving it as open ended as possible. Graphics should never stop production - open it up to the org and if someone makes it great if not you have until next week. If you want help on the script spin up a word doc and poke me. For the interview, a couple of key points: 1) Research interviews with him: iE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV0yVms0cX8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50-6vwYUNLY 2) Absolutely do not talk over him or interupt him like the guy in that video. Regardless of how interested you are with what he has to say this is not a conversation at the pub. Ask a question, wait for an answer, ask a follow up, or move on. 3) Don't ask the same questions. Ask him about himself, his favourite games, what he wants to see from the universe. M&K or JS or Hybrid. Earth or Terra. His thoughts on racing in the PU. His thoughts on Profession X in the PU. what his favourite profession would be. Stuff like that - What is your favourite question to answer about SC - Where there any funny/interesting itterations in the procedural planet generation? Ie: Funny/crazy planets 4) Offer to pre-record the interview. Saturday night at 6pm UK time might not be very convenient. 5) For the interview remember people are here for the interviewee not the interviewer(s). 6) Have fun 7) Dear god remember point 2 this video is brutal, thankfully Brian is very professional.
  3. When we have an actual outline of what professions are in the game and how they actually used. Off the bat, escort pilots and crew will be a must regardless of what comes to be. Doctors/medics? Maybe/Probably It will be interesting to see what gameplay dynamics come from hauling, like can anyone be a hauler, or will specific yet tbd skills be required...
  4. Title idea: The Weekend Report Suggestions: Stream or Podcast? - Stream could be interesting as you could highlight the videos you are talking about Have script! Can't wait to see it.
  5. This was posted to the media division and not the New forums
  6. Bought one, Couldn't really pass up a space motorcycle. I mean, it's a space fecking motorcycle
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/15/avocado-thieves-shortage-crime-fruit-black-market-new-zealand
  8. We don't have anything concrete, however we'd probably do a hybrid between Military and the Explorations groups. If it's going to be a group of 8-12 friends doing Mining missions, Trade runs, or creating lore it's good. Anything beyond that would probably fall within the divisions (TBD). Taxation on these groups will probably be dynamic, does the small group take contracts to help the org, or do they focus on making money for themselves? This could shift our industry division takes a more capitalist model and this might be best, however we will need a core division for industry and trade. TBD but understand the difference between friends running missions together, over running a mini-division. We would be interested in seeing where this goes, however it will be up to the creators of these groups to ensure that they don't get out of hand. Understanding what we want to see from these groups is important. That's why you will need to send me, and cc the other execs but specifically at least me, a PM with your group name and intent with it. We're also up for discussing this further here, on ts, or via pm. After the Industry Div is back up and running groups will goto the council as it is with Mil and Exp.
  9. I hate this. When i was shopping for a new camera all I wanted was a model that was a little older, but noooo they stop making them meaning you're paying $500 for the new one or $450 for the 2 year old one...
  10. A closer inspection shows that the app didn't assign a UEE number to the session and then died trying to access it later... Looks like it's working now, but you really should fix your RSI that's on your forum profile PS that's my test account not some hax0r, unless...
  11. Damn, was hoping for the Polaris. Any other guesses? What's left?
  12. This is depressing: http://www.pcgamesn.com/the-division/the-divisions-pc-version-had-to-be-kept-in-check-with-consoles-or-it-would-be-unfair The Division's PC version had to be kept "in check with consoles" or it would be "unfair"Reddit comment:
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