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  1. You like my post...... So here I'm looking at your profile and saw that you are from Alberta. Then I was like I'm going to Jasper to meet a friend of mine in October (it might be November, i'm not quoit sure when i'm in Canada).

    Also first.......... Yeah! For the 3 time in my life ( well i might be ling, don't remember how many time I have been the first, but not many. I'm normally quite slow and that's no good for racing. ) I'm the first to write on some ones profile.

    Have fun!  

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    2. 22Actual


      Yeah Calgary has an Airport, YYC

    3. Rumged


      Nice! Well I'll shoot you a pm, when I'm in Canada. How mush notification time do you want? hours? day? week? 2 weeks before is the maximum amount of time where I can say with 98% accuracy that I'm there.

      Just a exp. I didn't know that I was going to Galapagos until 3 days before hand. You  know, its one of does things that happens when your in Ecuador   

    4. 22Actual


      Well 3 days would be fine, We're just going to meet at a pub or something so that leaves me enough time to clear my schedule if needed/possible