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  1. Innocence_Achieved

    Soloing and Multi-Crewing

    Simple one: if you are part of a group/crew--grouped up--you can 'warp' to their ship if you are in the same area and replace one of the existing NPCs for the duration.
  2. Innocence_Achieved

    Ship profile images

  3. Innocence_Achieved

    Definition of hardcore?

    You'd have to ask Tac himself; he's the one that made that decision. In effect, however, our version of 'hardcore' is making sure we stay active and keep a presence in Teamspeak, and write documentation and so on assuming the game will go ahead exactly as described.
  4. Innocence_Achieved

    GamersNexus CR (Part I) and (Part II) and Sean Tracy Interviews

    Read the whole thing; it has useful info that's easy to find: http://www.gamersnexus.net/gg/2613-chris-roberts-on-star-citizen-procedural-planets-alpha3-citizencon Particularly the jobs list (my emphasis): -- “We're going to start with cargo hauling, buying, selling, trading, mercenary, bounty-hunter, piracy. You're either taking stuff from a-b, protecting someone taking stuff a-b, robbing someone taking stuff a-b, or you're going after someone that's robbing someone going from a-b. “Longer-term, there's a lot of secondary professions, whether it's rescue and recovery, refueling people that are out of fuel, mining, salvage. Those are professions coming along after we get the first lot out. We're concentrating on 3.0 to have one star system roughed-in. It won't be done and polished, but the major locations will be there or mostly there, which will include a whole bunch of... not just the landing locations, we have 5 major ones there, but also a whole network of space stations and satellites and refueling stations and all the rest that you'd stop off in your travels around the star system. “For us, the star system has a greater density of action, interest; it's not just, you stop and there's one station you trade in and leave and you go to another star system. For us, this star system should be something [where] the player could spend a bunch of time going back and forth. If you see a planet -- as long as it's not the sun, which would probably burn you [laughs] -- you can go and land and adventure. It's a huge, huge, huge task, so we are in the process of doing a whole bunch of stuff towards that. Along the way, we're going to show a preview of the next stage of the planetary tech that we'll have, which will be at CitizenCon.” -- BTW, Mr Bristolboy; could you please link the rest of this as they post it? Very useful.
  5. Innocence_Achieved

    Appropriate Force or Dubious Actions

    Determining one or the other, for TA members: if you don't want an Advocacy Agent seeing you do it, don't do it. Do note that counter-pirating is not pirating, but may involve some of the same actions. "For arguments sake let's say that the pilot org complained to our org about my actions. They are requesting compensation for loss of earnings and damages." On this one: anyone trying this is a con-man and will be treated as such.
  6. If you join a group that is crewing a ship and they have space, or an NPC in a spot, you will spawn in that ship to take the space or spawn to replace the NPC. Gotta join the group though. you could, though, before 2.3. I did. CCU'd from one of my Archimedes LTIs.
  7. Yes. Noted in a couple of '10 For The Chairman' answers. Definitely studying. And practicing. Almost everyone with a Starfarer has got lost on first explore, so far. You can hire NPC crew. Not as good as players, but still useful. Right. Hands up all those who got lost the first time they explored a Starfarer?
  8. Innocence_Achieved

    Space Battles! A study

    go check http://gizmodo.com/5426453/the-physics-of-space-battles
  9. Innocence_Achieved

    comparison of modern space simulators

    also, for background, check http://gizmodo.com/5426453/the-physics-of-space-battles Also: given the length of development time for most AAA games versus the dev time of Star Citizen, it's being developed extremely fast indeed. So the 'Unusually patient' label is rather misleading.
  10. Innocence_Achieved

    NASA/JPL space posters

    For to be looked at as a coolness, and as inspiration for other posters: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/visions-of-the-future/
  11. Nato: Merlins are short-range snub fighters, not something I'd use from an Idris. However, I can see being about to run 8 Merlins from it with some care and attention.
  12. Innocence_Achieved

    Star Citizen Sneak Preview of Planet City and Subway

    that walking anim is old; the new one is hugely better.
  13. Innocence_Achieved

    MadCatz/Saitek will do Star Citizen joystick!

  14. Innocence_Achieved


    this is one of the things I'd like to see in the game; drones. Not in Star Marine, however.
  15. Innocence_Achieved

    Star Citizen Ship Scale Viewer