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  1. I don't mind helping as I can with this. I'm not much of a live stream person because I stutter and mangle my words a lot. But if you put a script in front of me, I can record it in a few takes, so I could voice some pre-recorded sections. I'm not as good as Tac at editing, but I might be able to help out in that area as well. Titles: TAC Time/Talk/Chat (edit: I think Tac already uses TAC Chat) Possible Sections: "State of the Org" or "Tactical Situation" - Org News, New members, meeting results etc... "State of the Game" or "Game Advances" - Star Citizen news and updates. "Pilot's Corner" or "Tactical Maneuvers" or "Advanced Maneuvers" - Flight training and tactics videos. "Galactic Gear" (Stolen from M50 commercial), "Ship Show and Tell" or "Ship Corner" - For ship walk arounds, discussions, flight tests, and reviews.
  2. Cool! Let me know if you need any help. UJR can be tricky.
  3. The easiest way I've found is to enter backwards. You'll have to angle the merlin a bit to fit one of the wings inside. Once your rear landing gear is over the cargo bay, the wings should fold up making it easier to fit. Once it's in, flying out is pretty easy since the wings are folded.
  4. Unless you just want to fund the game, I'd say wait until they add those features. I personally got a Sentinel BUK just in case. Probably! That would be glorious to behold. He'd definitely have to use the number tags though. Wow! That's really cool! You can zoom w/ the middle mouse, rotate with left click, and pan with right click. (Edit: They even have the Boomslang model!)
  5. Cool little tool I found to create your own fleet view image. http://fubank.org/ships.aspx I have a few ships, hehe.
  6. Gavin, Sam, Sleepingwolf, and I had some fun on Gavin's stream. Check it out! I've submitted it to AtV!
  7. Hey guys. I was playing around in the new 2.2.2 patch and I came across a small cargo pod with a weapon inside! I found nothing but rifles at the wrecks I visited, but someone on Reddit found a pistol.
  8. Hey guys. I'll be doing a video on this in the near future, just wanted to run my setup by you to get some feedback. Right Hand Joystick - TM Warthog Left Hand Joystick - TM T16000M UJR (Universal Joystick Re-mapper) Used in conjunction with vjoy to split axes on my left joystick. (Allows me to use "throttle" instead of "strafe forward" for movement) Voice Attack: Using the A.N.N.A. profile for various functions that aren't highly time-sensitive. (Shield/Power Management etc...) Keybindings: http://imgur.com/a/5XQhl Other stuff: Logitech G510 Keyboard w/ 18x3 programmable macro buttons. Razor Naga Gaming Mouse - For FPS. Side mounted number pad allows quick access to common FPS functions. TrackIR - Used for gimbaled weapons and situational awareness. (Not working in current build of Star Citizen) Future Additions: HTC Vive - VR goggles. Will replace trackIR if feasible.
  9. I like pretty colors. Especially the bright ones! Seriously though, I've never heard of Limit Theory. I'll have to look it up.
  10. Hey guys, I know I haven't been around much lately. Work has been pretty crazy. Just figured I'd stop by and leave a link to my latest video. Enjoy!
  11. Hey guys, Just uploaded my latest video. Should be helpful to any new 2.0 players. Enjoy! BuzZz
  12. Surprise! And thanks! Edit: I don't post to the forums very often, but I do get on Teamspeak quite a bit.
  13. Unless you are very lucky. The actual missions take too long to get to without crashing. I've managed to do a few, but I haven't posted any videos of them.
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