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  1. INFO RUNNER: classified analytical data runner (referring to corporate documentation of funding/personnel or other sensitive data) personal medical information runner (personal information being transferred from one medical facility to another) personal/bissnues letters Currier (none classified information, but still viewed as personal data)
  2. just got my arma 3 downloaded again so i think i might join you all on one of these Fridays. hoping do be a pilot (still training to do fast dust-off's with out breaking everything, including myself) i dont have any DLC's though just the epoch mod (half the time THAT dont even work right)
  3. it would be interesting to see if they have some type of jailing system made later for the PU when it goes full release (putting the police variants of ships in mind). this way if a bounty hunter has this kinda ship he can stow the bounty in there as he flys the bounty to the jail -bounty logging off would not log out his character from being captured-
  4. so i was not sure where to put this so its here (feel free to move if need be) subject Bounty hunting so i was just reading that people can be tagged and will show up on mobiglass so this brings me to a interesting topic. Tag team bounty hunting planet side. 1 person sits near a space port landing area and watches the mobiglass for "Tagged" people and checks there names against known bounties, they then confirm the bounty with there partner who then "bags" the said bounty (spotter and sniper style) and splits said earnings between the 2. this greatly increases the chances of not only identifying bounties but also taking them in for the money.
  5. murry cup pilot register'er murry cup protisapent murry cup host organisation dietary coordinator (for the marines and pilots or when rationing is put into effect due to low supply) -potential RP roll- multi-organisation event planer heavy infantry resupply runner drill replacement technician scan data analyzer scanner to drill synchronization technician parts refurbish-er node data annalist planet side toilet cleaner -got to start some where right? lol- shop owner barracks drill instructor infantry heavy mobile unit (all sized mobile unites are based off the armor being used) infantry medium mobile unite infantry light mobile unite infantry reconansence unit fighter pilot convoy pilot mining platform stations management mining platform stations operator mining platform general Technician mining platform owner/co-owners balk trade organizer bulkhead replacement worker weapons and ammo resupply, supplier
  6. i will join. unsure which rank i would fit in though. potently 40% of my game i would be in the wing if the membership goes thru. rest would we on trade runs and what not
  7. low level federation officer donreaper3 (romulan: donreaper32, and i think my last federation officer is donreaper -lvl 52) they do no allow you to use the same name for all of your toons- federation tactical officer: level 52 and level 38 (as current of post) romulan tactical officer: level 50
  8. star trek online has some players from the org playing here. if you want to play just post your user name and what kind of character you are (aka: klingon tactical level 17) or just put "new" if you have no characters yet. if you message some one in game that you see here to meet up and play just put in the message "From TAC" so people know its not just a random any questions about the game feel free to ask and i or some one else that plays will try our best to answer them
  9. nice list you have going there now dan! way to go
  10. for the news "Tactical news today" (or TNT? lol) as for a subject for lore. how about a section neer the bottom for "your solar facts" pick a random planet and give a brief history of it -if at all possible- ​what he said
  11. those are some pretty good pictures. the bottom one reminds me of the movie "battle ship"
  12. Paul has some pretty good talent. One can only guess what would be made if he did it for more then just a spare time thing.
  13. aww but it looks so bad @$$. why it not real? -pouts-
  14. i be leave the game already has the Ocules rift -or some thing simuler- now if the game had touch screen capabilities, halo display, and head movement look detection functionality, that would be fantastic. not only do you have the 3D visual holo display but touch screen functionality to not only make that 3D modal of a solar system bigger, but press the menu button for routes or the friends list to call them in game, as your looking at each in turn by literally moving your head and using your hands. -looks down and flicks on the mobiGlass and presses button for a group call with Mal, TAC, and Alphine-
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