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    yes that's why they're calling the police on you
  2. SleepyWolf

    dont mobi and drive

    I've done that irl on a bicycle, I might of hurt myself if I didn't land on my head X)
  3. would be a nice place to have a meeting just before Christmas
  4. the herc can run with less people but the carrack is more flexible as the cargo pods will be able to be exchanged with other pods when they develop them.
  5. anyone looking for trades in pokemon sword/shield? I have a stock of eevee and ponyta's.
  6. hears a vid of the setup we should get ready and launched one and a half hours in advanced x)
  7. just thought of a good name for one. the "Jules Verne"
  8. https://www.erkul.games/calculator this dps calculator might help
  9. for those that aren't subscribers.
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