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  1. December 14th, 2017 Attention! The UEE Navy needs you. Whether you’re already a top gun or have never flown a ship before, there’s a place for you in the Navy. Only by banding together can we hope to move forward and protect the freedom of the UEE. On Wed. Dec. 20th, enlist on the RSI website by signing up for the next Squadron 42 newsletter with exclusive information and updates on the game’s progress. You must enlist to continue receiving these official communications — be the first to know. Heads up. Check out IGN on Wed. Dec. 20th for an exclusive teaser featuring Mark Hamill. Report for duty on Thurs, Dec. 21st for our Around the Verse holiday special. Watch it on Twitch from 12-2 PM PST to hear the latest Squadron 42 updates directly from the developers. Over and Out, UEE Naval High Command
  2. Squadron 42 Official UEE Announcement

  3. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    >>vid of entry<<
  4. 3.0 PTU before Dec 20th

    Damit im in Swindon and cannot download
  5. Teaser Ship Speculation Thread

    Could be the pisces from the carrak. Looks like an anvil ship.
  6. Ark server up again

    after surviving several corrupt saves, the last time killed it last night, 21/07/2017 to 05/11/2017
  7. Ark server up again

    called "Valhla SW" or the ip is To add the server to your favorites, follow these steps. - Open Steam. - At the top left, click on 'View'. - Click on 'Servers' and head over to the 'Favorites' tab. - Click 'Add Server to Favorites'. - Copy and paste the server's IP have fun (^_^) server shut down due to corrupted saves
  8. Chairmens club

    Wait.... this whisky is limited??? *looks at the empty bottle* hic*
  9. The sneak peak and the game charger?


    1. SleeppingWolf


      Actually it looks more like a starfairer, so perhaps not.

  10. cyclone in engine 


  11. nox rave



  12. Warframe Clan

    There is already a clan, Contact @Benjamin_Smaridge
  13. ship news

    from the monthly studio report
  14. Around the Verse - Manned Turret Makeover

    nice to see the turrets being worked on....... wait hurricane turret???
  15. 3.0 Evocati

    Star Citizen Patch 3.0.0 Alpha Patch 3.0.0 has been released to the PTU, and is now available for Evocati to test! This is our largest content release to date featuring numerous tech and core system updates, and we're excited for you to get your hands on it. You will have access to planetary surfaces for the first time on three moons (Yela, Daymar, and Cellin) along with an asteroid (Delamar). These new surfaces are expansive, with over three million square kilometers to explore, all dotted with surface outposts and derelict ships. Additionally we have added four new ships, our first dedicated ground vehicle (Ursa Explorer), the foundation of our revamped mission system with new missions, a completely new launcher and patcher system, and so much more! Since we have much to test with many features still being worked on, we will be doing focus waves of testing so we can nail down particular features and systems before moving on to the next. Your launcher will show "3.0.0" as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE. Important: Evocati Focus: New patcher, station traversing, ship spawning, Star Map app, quantum travel, landing, air traffic control (atc) system, quantum fuel usage/balance, hydrogen fuel usage/balance All the ships are flyable, but the following are the ships that have had the most attention and focus specifically for this wave of Evocati release: Gladius, Hornet Series, Sabre, Vanguard, Constellation Series, Freelancer, Cutlass Black, Caterpillar, Nox, Dragonfly, Prospector, Aurora series We would like you to focus on the above for this initial wave of testing and bug reports. NOTE: Other content and features are in and listed in the notes, but currently not the focus of this testing phase as they undergo bug fixes and polish. Additionally, there's content that is not listed in the notes that are intended for live release and will be added iteratively during the testing cycle. Key Game-play How Tos: Show Location: We have added a command that allows you to find your location in coordinates (useful for bug reporting purposes). Enter "/showlocation" in the chat box (make sure you are in a all chat) to get coordinates. Ship Start Up: Approach the entry point of your ship, then press and hold "F" to activate the interaction system. Select from the various inner thought prompts using the cursor or mouse wheel to move between them. Once inside your ship, again press and hold "F" and select the "Flight Ready" prompt to run through complete ship start up. Alternatively, you can press the "F5" key for quick start up. Landing: Landing now takes place through an Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. Request a landing with "N" as before and approach the landing area. You will automatically be assigned a specific landing pad (highlighted green with a vertical landing guide line). Proceed to the landing pad, but avoid flying over other landing pads and take-off pathways. Quantum Travel: To quantum travel to a destination, open your MobiGlas (F1) and select the StarMap App (diamond shaped symbol). From there, use the mouse to select a destination. Whether or not an object can be selected for QT is determined by gravitational values (The larger the object the further away you can detect it, large objects with small objects in orbit drown out their detection capabilities at long ranges). Meaning you will not be able to travel from point A to B at all times, but instead may need to move into orbit of a larger body to detect destinations also in orbit. For example, to get to a station orbiting a moon that orbits a planet, the route is Planet>Moon>Station. Once you have a destination selected you can "set destination" on your MobiGlas to bring up a quantum travel target. As before, align with the QT target and press "B" to travel. As before, align with the QT target and press "B" to travel. New Features General Content Breathing, Stamina & Heart Rate Oxygen Supply: Many areas, such as space or the moons of Crusader, do not have breathable atmospheres and are dangerous for characters unless they’re wearing a pressure suit. Most pressure suits are equipped standard with an oxygen tank. As you breathe, you will slowly consume the oxygen inside your tank. Your oxygen tank will automatically begin to refill once you are inside an area, station, ship or outpost with a breathable atmosphere. If your oxygen supply runs out, your pressure suit contains a small buffer of oxygen to provide you with a short amount of time to try to find an oxygen supply. If your suit is not sealed or you’re not wearing a helmet, you will not have this buffer. If you do not have any oxygen available, you will asphyxiate and quickly pass out. Stamina: As you exert more effort by running, jumping, etc., your muscles work harder and begin to consume more oxygen. To keep up with this higher demand, your heart rate and breathing increase to provide your muscles with a steady supply of oxygen. Wearing heavier armor will increase how much effort it takes to do actions and will tire you out sooner. The more you exert yourself, the harder you breathe and the faster your oxygen supply will be depleted. Heart Rate Monitor: The heart rate monitor on your helmet’s HUD and in your mobiGlas functions as an exertion/stamina meter. As a character exerts themselves, their heart rate increases. If a character exerts themselves too much, they will enter a Hyperventilated state. This will restrict the actions that you can perform, and things like running, sprinting or vaulting will be blocked until you exit the Hyperventilated state. Heart rate and breathing can also effect recoil handling and aim. As your heart rate increases the character’s aim will begin to sway, ranging from a minor wobble to wild drifting. Once levels reach certain critical thresholds your vision will also begin to be effected, slowly dimming till it goes completely black. Once your heart rate returns to normal, so will your vision and movement. Wound System Injury is now taken into account for status effects to a small degree including movement penalties for limb damage. Interaction System Interaction Mode Holding down the [F] key will activate Interaction Mode - a contextual cursor will appear in the center of the screen, interaction points will be highlighted, even from a distance. The parallax cursor movement allows selection of anything on screen with little head movement, while retaining full input control. Movement is limited to walking speed while in Interaction Mode. Holding the right mouse button enters into 'focus'; the camera rotates and zooms in on the cursor location, putting it in the center of the screen. From here, the cursor behaves normally. Releasing right click returns to standard view. Left click confirms the selection, and the associated action begins. Releasing [F] will always immediately return to natural gameplay. Inner Thought Prompt When near enough to interact, the inner thought prompt will softly appear on the player screen, tilting towards the location of the interaction to help provide context to the inner thought text. The text will inform you of the action that will be performed upon interaction. Moving away, looking away, or having line of sight to the interaction point blocked will remove the inner thought prompt. The inner thought text will display on screen relative to the object of interaction, but will stay at a fixed size so it's guaranteed readable. The ellipse below the text indicates that secondary options are available, and they can be accessed with the cursor or mouse wheel. 6replies View mode: Sort by: Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 06:46 am Hint System Added the foundation of a new "hint system" which will allow players to learn about how to play the game whilst playing it and reduce the burden of having to consult an off-line resource. Party Launch System Added new command /partylaunch. If the party leader enters /partylaunch into the chat window in game, this will send a notification to each party member when the leader enters an instance that they can either accept or ignore. If accepted they will be put into Matchmaking system to join the leader. If the server doesn't have enough space for the full party, all players in the party will be put back into Matchmaking to find another server. Universe New Locations We have implemented the first fully procedurally generated, explorable planetary bodies. These include three moons; Yela, Daymar, and Celin, as well as the mining planetoid Delamar. Each planetary body has unique atmospheric composition, pressure, and gravity as well as a variety of surface outposts and derelict ships to explore, many tied to our new missions system. Levski is a base built into the rock on Delamar, an asteroid hidden deep in an asteroid belt. The base was originally an active mining facility but after being left derelict for a number of years new residents moved in and it became a hotbed for political radicals & criminals. The main areas are controlled by various political groups with a strong anti UEE sentiment, they try to keep order best they can. Levski has the choice of numerous shops spread across multiple floors, many missions will be available (both illegal and legal). You can gain access to Levski by; foot, ship or ground vehicle. Planetary Motion Planetary bodies now have rotational motion complete with dynamic day/night cycles. Surface Outposts Planetary surfaces are dotted with surface outposts representing a variety organizations and functions. Each outpost is unique and has its own power system and oxygen supply, many with usable Kiosks and landing pads with associated ASOP terminals. Persistence and Insurance Persistence Ammo and missile persistence. Ship damage state persistence. Spawn location persistence (what location you left your ship at, what location your character was at). Inventory Persistence – items, commodities and ships. Air Traffic Control (ATC) Landing and take off at public facilities is now controled by Air Traffic Ontrol (ATC). The ATC acts as the connection between you and the landing tower using the MFD comm function in every ship. When attempting to land, you will open a communication channel to the tower and ask for permission. The tower then checks if all the requirements are fulfilled and will advise appropriately. Selecting a target location will happen via the MFD Comm System. Shops New items (clothing, armor, weapons, components) added to shop inventory. Added Dumper's Depot to major locations. AI Subsumption We have introduced the basics of subsumption. You should now see NPCs going about their daily lives at all 3 major landing zones (Grim Hex, Port Olisar, and Levski). Quantum Travel System Quantum travel (QT) destinations are now selected via the MobiGlas StarMap app. Whether or not an object can be targeted for QT is determined by the drive's detection range and is based off gravitational values (The larger the object the further away you can detect it, large objects with small objects in orbit drown out their detection capabilities at long ranges). Meaning you will not be able to travel from point A to B at all times, but instead may need to move into orbit of a larger body to detect destinations also in orbit. For example, to get to a station orbiting a moon that orbits a planet, the route is Planet>Moon>Station. There's now a short range quantum travel for moving around different orbital points of moons and small planetary bodies. Quantum travel speeds, spooling and cooldown times are variable based on the size and quality of the drive. Mission System Delivery Missions (Lawful/Unlawful) Missing Person Mission AI Bounty Hunt Mission Derelict investigation Escort Mission Mission Givers Ruto and Eckhart Doors and Airlocks Doors and airlocks have been updated with additional functionality. Item 2.0 First introduction of item 2.0 system for ships, including the following: Power – Includes the ability to control how much power is generated by the power plants and is distributed to all of the other systems to use. Heat – Includes the ability to monitor how much heat, EM, and IR the ship is generating, and the ability to temporarily reduce IR. Shields – Includes the ability to monitor and adjust shield strength and repair behavior, and adjust power usage and performance. Flight HUD – Includes the cockpit lens elements which provide vital feedback to the player during flight and combat. Weapons – Includes the ability to monitor and prioritize gun and missile ammo, and adjust power usage and performance. Thrusters – Includes the ability to monitor and adjust thrusters power usage and performance. Radar – Includes the implementation of 2D and 3D radar. Annunciators – Includes the implementation of annunciator screens and their warning behavior. Screen Switch Behavior – Includes the ability to switch between various screens on the same physical monitor. Cargo and Commodoties Introducing the first implementation of cargo! Salvage Some items are transported in small, portable boxes. They can be bought and sold at vendors. These items are placed in/around the Stanton system’s wreckages and procedurally on planet surfaces. They will be generated when destroying cargo-carrying ships. 0.5m boxes can be lifted and moved using the existing hand-lifting system. 1 SCU cargo cannot be lifted or moved. Storing Small Items in the Cargo Grid Ships will have 'Cargo Grids' set up inside that governs how cargo is placed/secured within it. Placing 0.5m boxes within the Cargo Grid will be considered ‘secured’ in the ship. 0.5m boxes will align within the Cargo Grid. Any loose items placed within the grid will not align to this. Loose Items placed inside the Cargo Grid will be added to the ship’s 'manifest'. Items placed outside of the grid will therefore not be added to the 'manifest'. Items can be taken from one ship’s hold, carried to another ship and stored in its hold instead. Buy/Sell Cargo through Market Vendors 1 SCU crates full of a single commodity can bought and sold at vendors. 0.5m boxes the player discovers, or recovers can be sold at vendors. Commodities can be bought at a vendor in selected spots. Players will walk up to the kiosk and use it to initiate an interaction. Only the stock the vendor buys/sells will be listed and the price they want for each. Transactions takes place entirely in the interface. Ships must be stored before their inventory can be used to buy/sell. Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 06:51 am Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 08:55 am New Ship Multiple Selectable MFD (MFD) featuring Render to Texture (RTT) Heat - System Signals Heat - Total heat generated by items. Heat Capacity - Total heat capacity available to the ship. IR Suppression - This button toggles suppressing the IR signal multiplier (which temporarily reduces your IR signal) at the cost of all items (and thus, the entire ship via the Heat Sink) heating rapidly. When IR Suppression is active, you should see that IR starts to drop down, and Heat starts to creep up toward its overheat value. System IR Suppression - All groups are suppressed. This overrides any groups below. System IR Suppression - All groups are suppressed. This overrides any groups below. IR Levels - Shows the IR levels of each item category. Heat - Items On Button - This denotes the On/Off state of the item. Item Name - Reorder alphabetically by item name (all categories). Item Name - Item Name. Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Item Type - Reorder by cycling item type (all categories). This is a list of available types: Power Plant (power in this case is power generated) Cooler (no heat, but for health/wear indication) Shield Generator Gun Main Thruster Maneuvering Thruster Quantum Drive Jump Drive Radar Power - The current item power usage. Heat - The current heat the item is generating. Health - How much health each item has remaining. Wear - How much wear each item has remaining. Power - System On Button - Turns all power plants On/Off. Power Throttle Throttle - This throttles the connected Power Plants' maximum power output. Throttle Max - This is the 100% value for the Power Plants maximum power output. Throttle Stealth - This is an updating bar which denotes the Stealth value that Throttle is set to when the Stealth Button is pressed (see below). Power Usage - Currently generated power. Power Required - Required power by all items. Power Deficiency - Amount of required power minus the currently generated power. Only appears when the power plants aren't able to supply enough required power. Stealth - This button sets the Throttle to the Stealth value, which is the sum "on" Power value of all connected items that are on, plus a small reserve value (10% to start). As individual items will be able to be turned off, this bar will move up and down as the Stealth value changes. Once the Stealth Button has been activated and the Throttle value reduced, you may then readjust the Throttle to suit your needs or adjust the Power Priority Triangle to work with the reduced power output. Power Priority Triangle - Moving the indicator on the Power Priority Triangle adjusts the percentage of power that is distributed to the three major systems (Shields, Weapons, and Thrusters) if total power requested is larger than available power generated. Nudging toward one system should add to it, and take proportionally to the other systems. Groups - Each group (Shields, Weapons, Thrust) are represented by icons. Priority - Percentages for each group. These should total 100%; dead center of the triangle should indicate 33% on each corner of the triangle. Power Deficiency - If any group isn't receiving its requested power, it is indicated by an icon. Signals: Heat - As the point of throttling power to items is to control your ship's signals, they are indicated here. Heat - Total heat generated by items. Heat Capacity - Total heat capacity available to the ship. EM - Current total EMsignature. IR - Current total IR signature. Power - Items On Button - This turns individual power plants On/Off. Please note that the only items that can be turned on and off from this page are power plants. All other items are only observable in their on/off states. Item Name Item Name Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Item Type - Reorder by cycling item type (all categories). This is a list of available types: Power Plant (power in this case is power generated) Shield Generator Gun Main Thruster Maneuvering Thruster Quantum Drive Jump Drive Radar Avionics Power - For power plants, power generation. For all other items, item power usage. Heat - The current heat the item is generating. Health - How much health each item has remaining. Wear - How much wear each item has remaining. Item Group Power Shields Weapons Thrusters Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 09:03 am Shields - System On Button - Turns all shield emitters and shield generators On/Off. Shield Generator Throttle - This works exactly like the Power Throttle in all other MFDs and throttles Power for the shield generators. Shield Status - As before, a top-down (for front, back, left, and right) and side (top and bottom) shield health is displayed. Face repair is represented by the highlighted bar, and each face's health is indicated by the value next to it. Top - Represents the health to front, back, left, and right. Side - Represents the health to top and bottom. Face Priority - Dragging the pip toward a face moves priority toward that face. Increasing face priority both increases the rate at which it is repaired when damaged, and also redistributes health toward it when the shields are healthy. Top - Represents the face priority to front, back, left, and right. Side - Represents to the face priority to top and bottom. Face Hardening - Selecting a face temporarily gives it extra resistance, allowing you to brace for damage to a particular face. Standby - This button turns off the actual shield temporarily to allow it to repair more quickly at the cost of not having the shields on while this is happening. Shields - Items On Button - This turns individual shield generators On/Off. Item Name - Reorder alphabetically by shield generator name. Item Name - Shield Generator name. Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Type - Item Type Icon Power - Shield generator power usage. Heat - The current heat the shield generator is generating. Health - How much health each shield generator has remaining. Wear - How much wear each shield generator has remaining. Weapons - System On Button - Turns all weapons and missiles On/Off. Weapon Group On Button- This turns all weapons in the weapon group On/Off. Weapon Group Number - Weapon Group 1 or 2. Weapon Group Throttle - This works exactly like the Power Throttle in all other MFDs and throttles Power for that Weapon Group. Weapons Number - Number of weapons in that Weapon Group. Missiles On Button - This turns all missiles On/Off. Missiles Icon Missiles Number - Number of missiles left. Weapons - Items On Button - This turns individual weapons On/Off. Item Name. Item Name - Weapon Name. Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Weapon Group - The Weapon Group number (there are two). Clicking this specific element switches the fire group to the other fire group (there are currently two fire groups). Ammo Type Ammo Remaining Ammo - Ammo remaining in current reload. Reloads - Ammo reloads remaining. Power - Gun power usage. This will be useful for showing you how much power each gun requires to use. Heat - The current heat the item is generating. Health - How much health each gun has remaining. Wear - How much wear each gun has remain Technical Menu Added FOV Scale to menu Audio New Low Ammo Audio New Ship Weapon Audio New Ship Engine Audio Graphical New "Fog" VFX New Quantum Travel VFX New Ship Destruction VFX New Ship "trails" VFX New layered ship weapon impacts Optimizations Added additional serialization Improved emitter update performance Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 09:21 am Feature Updates Universe ASOP Terminals Added ship selector with more ship specific information Shops Adding Magazines and Grenades to Cubby Blast Added new clothing to various stores Crime Stat Reworked, but still basic implementation of crimes and criminality Split "wanted" and "criminality" reputations Only players at wanted level 3 should appear hostile Missions Many new job contracts available via the Contract Manager App Grim Hex Additional Props Updated art assets Moved ASOP terminals to main railing Ships & Vehicles General Updated with new hit reactions Updated ship entry and interaction animations Drake Cutlass Black: Complete Rework RSI Aurora Series: Complete Rework Aegis Avenger Updated dashboard Aegis Vanguard Cockpit rework Aegis Sabre Cockpit display rework Aegis Gladius Cockpit display rework HUD update Anvil Gladiator Separated art for pilot/copilot geometry Drake Herald Rescaled self-destruct timer Vanduul series Updated lighting Merlin Updated lighting MISC Reliant Updated lighting Drake Caterpillar Added airlock hole for EVA hatch Ship Weapons Updated animations Knightbridge Arms series: Complete Rework Klaus and Werner Repeater Series: Complete Rework Star Marine Armors Armor and equipment weight now alters run speed and stamina drain Light/Medium/Heavy armor piece damage reduction balancing Weapons New P8-SC SMG available Tweaks and balance changes across all weapons Arena Commander Scoring Rework First Person Animations Updated jumping Updated pistol animations Gear Equipment Weight Equipment weight now influences actor state and run speed Weapons Complete art rework: Devastator 12 Shotgun Complete art rework: Arrowhead Sniper Rifle Complete art rework: Arclight Pistol Complete art rework: P4-AR Assault Rifle Complete art rework: Gallant Rifle Complete art rework: Gemini L86 Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 09:26 am Technical Menu Reskinned "Contacts" page Keybindings and Controls Tweaked controls for turrets for an improved experience Added joystick mappings for EVA and FPS Added joystick mappings for interaction mode Added gamepad mappings for interaction mode Added ADS zoom in and out for gamepad Audio Updated internal ship audio Updated quantum travel audio Updated shopping UI audio Updated collision audio Graphical Exposure Improvements Specular Improvements Fixes Bug Fixes Universe Fixed LOD issues on Olisar Fixed delayed/missing music in Crusader Fixed missing purchasable items form ArcCorp Added proper collision to GrimHex shop window Fixed an issue where hangar spawning a Freelancer in front of a Scythe would cause them to collide Fixed missing collision in Aeroview hangar Vehicles Suspension should now work properly Ships EMP Charges no longer have a chance to kill players Fixed some audio feedback issues Khartu-Al Corrected several backward or missing decals Gladiator Fixed exterior lighting Mustang Series Corrected several backward or missing decals Fixed cracked glass appearance on cockpit from a distance Caterpillar Fixed an issue with shadow flicker in cockpit 300 Series Corrected several backward or missing decals Fixed some clipping geometry Fixed texture normals Vanguard series Fixed a bug with Hoplite destruction VFX Vanduul Fixed collision issues with Scythe and Glaive landing gear Starfarer Player no longer t-poses when entering/exiting turret Constellation series Reduced the interaction point size of ladders Resolved missing or quiet audio for fly by FPS Fixed some issues with grenade markers Fixed players momentarily in aim pose during jump Projectiles should now spawn in correct zone Fixed issue where players could use MediPen without reducing supply or without HUD updating Arena Commander Fixed LOD issue on Dying Star central spire Fixed LOD issues for landing pads Star Marine Visual clean-ups for Star Marine: Demien Cleaned up issues with player lighting Fixed issue where all players were marked hostile for spectator Players no longer slide into hacking animation when interacting with terminals from side or back Removed grenade damage through barrier into spawn room General Fixed issue where players were unable to join on friends if different regions are selected Fixed issue where if both players add each other to contacts they both appear as permanently offline Fixed an issue where only the first PTU account copy would get added to friends system Fixed an issue where loading into the universe would present no destinations after finishing a match of Arena Commander Fixed an issue where input recognition would fail when overlapping inputs Balance Ships Boost and afterburner are additive rather than multiplicative Quantum fuel tanks and consumption have been updated for new planetary distances Hydrogen fuel tanks and consumption have been rebalanced and tweaked FPS Increased hip fire recoil Damage and spread balancing across all weapons Reduced procedural breathing sway effects in ADS Added damage reduction component to armor items Increased damage reduction of medium and heavy armors Increased movement speed difference between light and medium
  16. dont think you can get $0 ccu anymore
  17. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Standalone-Ships/X1-BASELINE-SCARLET-EDITION-LTI-Warbond limited warbond X1 out now https://starcitizen.tools/X1_(series) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/X1-THREE-PACK-SCARLET-EDITION-LTI-Warbond
  18. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    Oh Just remembered, Buky o'hear @Benjamin_Smaridge you would possibly like it ^_^

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