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  1. In this week's update, NPCs learn how not to run into things, 3.5 Network upgrades are discussed, and VFX shows us the latest in ice geysers and busted thrusters.
  2. A new variant of the Hornet https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/anvil-hornet/Hornet-F7C-M-Heartseeker https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16940-Space-Is-For-Lovers
  3. Delve into the exciting world of Asset Optimization, get stuck in ArcCorp traffic, and meet the latest Star Citizen ship in this week’s update.
  4. SleeppingWolf

    ARGO SRV - Concept

  5. SleeppingWolf

    ARGO SRV - Concept

    heads up only subscriber can see the post, so hears a peek.
  6. SleeppingWolf

    Why do we not have a discord?

    Next Meeting February 9 7:00 PM UTC
  7. This week’s update looks at VFX updates in the new flight model, current work on upcoming ships, and some deadly new weapons.
  8. SleeppingWolf

    FOIP Welcome Videos

    I did one using facerig as an org introduction but it wasn't that good or polished
  9. SleeppingWolf

    Teamspeak - failed to connect to server

    whats the fatality rate of the server hamsters?
  10. SleeppingWolf

    Trying to get to TS

    I think the hamster powering it died
  11. SleeppingWolf

    3.4 live

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 Available!
  12. SleeppingWolf

    This is how you fly.

    this or this
  13. SleeppingWolf

    What Is Changing In Your Hanger?

    This is what I've got now.
  14. SleeppingWolf

    This is how you fly.

    catch me catch me catch me catch me catch me catch me catch me!!!!!!!!!! okay catch me ground! SPLAT!!
  15. SleeppingWolf


    I got good mag boots
  16. from https://imgur.com/a/wYXKAEv
  17. SleeppingWolf

    Anniversary sale and freefly weekend schedule

    more in depth
  18. SleeppingWolf

    Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2018.11.15 -

    Funny that I dont own one
  19. gave up at the last flight of stairs :(