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  1. Calling Dibs

    Pretty certain that there is more than one reclamer in the org, actually I know there is more than one in the org. As with most ships.
  2. evocati leak notes and pics


  3. did i land to close then :)


    1. Bursar


      Mind the paint!

  4. Well sir, there's nothing on Shubin like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, one-car monorail.Monorail_Sneakpeek_Sq42.jpg

  5. This week's episode features our monthly Squadron 42 project update. Get the latest on what the devs have been up to and take a look at the complex AI systems being implemented in the game, using the massive crew of the Idris frigate as an example.
  6. A case is only the majority of what you can see, so looks are subjective (what looks good to you). i'm personally looking at the BitFenix ENSO for my next upgrade(mm.. arr geee Bee). looking at video reviews can sometimes help judge how easy a case can be to work in, as other have said bigger is easier. i've mostly used a corsair Graphite 230T so cannot rely say about the other brands.
  7. In this week’s episode, February’s installment of Ship Shape gives us a look at Anvil’s mighty pathfinder, the Terrapin, and unveils the first concept ship of 2018.
  8. pic of the terrapin


    1. Spacegod


      The bottom shield plate looks like a ship from elite docked to it 

  9. Loaner Of The Month - Andromeda

    funny thing is this is the model i'm putting together.
  10. First Space-X Heavy Launch streamed in a bit over an hour

    found this 3d sound of the launch and booster landing
  11. First Space-X Heavy Launch streamed in a bit over an hour

    Just found out that the centre booster crashed.... I was joking about it falling over. Not my fault.
  12. First Space-X Heavy Launch streamed in a bit over an hour

    t minus 8 minutes
  13. 3.01 You Have Been Warned

    topho! dont I look spiffing in my top hat and monical X)
  14. concierge pics

    a look at some of the concierge items + glitch

    1. Bursar


      I blame Teddy ;)

  16. Crytek v CIG Continues.

    late again by 9 hrs

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