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  1. Update: Origin 350RAegis GladiusAegis VanguardMISC Freelancer DUR
  2. Hey all. It's been a while since I've been around, hectic last few months. Now that Star Citizen kinda seems to work again, I've been trying to get back into it (when the servers work). I managed to get into Freeflight and took some video of some messing around. It not edited by any degree, no music, just Star Citizen at glorious 1080p 60fps! Anywho, figured you guys might like to see it.
  3. I absolutely love the Self Land hanger. Can't wait till those massive steel roll-up doors can move.
  4. Yeah definitely as the game becomes more team oriented, hopefully in the next AC patch or server fix. I'm just not a big idle and chat type of person. Most of my time spent in SC at the moment is watching Star Trek Voyager on Hulu :D
  5. I wish it would show primary ship used on that list. Would love to see my 350R floating in a sea of Hornets!
  6. The 350R is an absolutely amazing ship. I upgraded my 325a to a 350R because of the two engine thing. If the 325a gets an actual role, like the "Interdiction" role it's supposed to have, it may not be worth getting the 350R, but right now it is incredible. I will say, the shield generator....not nearly as good, and because of how much power your thruster's draw you may have issues sustaining fire. But then again you're doing 300m/s so that probably isn't much an issue! BTW if anyone is worried about being competitive, I'm currently ranked #8 on the FFA leader boards using only my 350R. [/end gratuitous bragging]
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