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  1. Dawg

    My Rig

    Nope! , Does the job tho :P
  2. Its a preference :D I just love to have all the stuff i'm working on laying about... :D You Shall be updated on my setup soon ... And see what I mean :D
  3. Nice setup ineed, awesome for recording I bet. Just abit to clean for me :D
  4. ''This Floating Swimming Suit Has One major Issue...''
  5. I up, Avenger reporting for Duty.
  6. Can I have Your Golden Ticket?
  7. For some reason the names are related to animals :P Freelancer : Goose ( Seeing as it does have a bent neck and 2 wings ...) Avenger : Duck ( Altho the Avenger does resemble a penguin, duck and goose go hand in hand yo !) If by any chance the INFINITEXUEMONKEY Gunship would ever come on sale: Hammerhead for sure .
  8. Despite the fact is rather early, it does give us a view of what people would like to do. Over time those numbers might change ,but for now it gives us a small idea of how we should allocate resources and divide the work for certain positions.I just wish these numbers don't have a massive Impact . As alot of things are changing all the time :p.
  9. Il be stealthing with My freelancer, Bcus I'm a baws ;)
  10. Dawg

    My Rig

    Case:Big Black Case PSU:COOLER MASTER GX-Series, 600W Motherboard: MSI Z77A, Chipset: Intel Z77 CPU: INTEL Core i7-3770 @ 4,2GHz RAM: 16G DDR3 Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 OC Sound card:ALC889A Realtek Hard Drive(s):KINGSTON SSDNow V+300 60GB (os)+ 240GB(Music Editing) Intel 520 240 GB (Gaming Dedicated) Hitachi Deskstar 1000GB, SATA 6Gb Optical Drive(s): MATTERS NOT 2014 baby Monitor:ASUS VG248QE G-SYNC 1920×1080 Speakers/Headphones:Sennheiser HD 25 II studio + ALL the others ( I collect them) Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Planning to Buy For SC: Philips 272G5DYEB G-sync 27Inch GTX 780 Or GTX 790 And some Corsair PSU 850W approx.
  11. Mortal Kombat is so last year !
  12. Yup, been wanting the retaliator for a while now. Submarine in space !
  13. I confirm that, the 3 variants are not official. They may be similar but these 3 are pure fan base .
  14. They are both awesome in there own way. Freelancer is just way smaller but pretty much the same all around ship. I think they both will make my day while flying them :P
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