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  1. CapsLock

    The Void VR, the hype is real!

    ​I will definitely pay for that kinda attraction.
  2. CapsLock

    1.1.2 Asset Exploration

    I cant wait for the FPS to come out
  3. CapsLock

    Planetside 2

    Why the vanu? Easy 0,75 orion/sv88 running around in spandex Pfff TR is the way to go :P Or else you are going to be on my killboard. I'm also playing on Cobalt in the outfit RedMist, I hope you heard from it. Cya :D
  4. Clock is wrong for EU people its saying september -.-
  5. I cant be there I need to work, but can somebody give me a summary later on that day?
  6. CapsLock

    Should i buy a javelin

    I would say wait, because this an empty version (I thought) and they will make different versions like the idris.
  7. CapsLock

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Cant wait :P
  8. CapsLock

    Planetside 2

    Hey, on what server are you on?
  9. CapsLock

    My 1000th Post

    Dont know how to respond!
  10. Im going to wait for the carrack and then make my decision.