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  1. You guys are not the only one, SC is not attractive enough for me to play. But when the FPS is coming it will change.
  2. CapsLock

    The Void VR, the hype is real!

    ​I will definitely pay for that kinda attraction.
  3. CapsLock

    1.1.2 Asset Exploration

    I cant wait for the FPS to come out
  4. CapsLock

    Planetside 2

    Why the vanu? Easy 0,75 orion/sv88 running around in spandex Pfff TR is the way to go :P Or else you are going to be on my killboard. I'm also playing on Cobalt in the outfit RedMist, I hope you heard from it. Cya :D
  5. Clock is wrong for EU people its saying september -.-
  6. I cant be there I need to work, but can somebody give me a summary later on that day?
  7. CapsLock

    Should i buy a javelin

    I would say wait, because this an empty version (I thought) and they will make different versions like the idris.
  8. CapsLock

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Cant wait :P
  9. CapsLock

    Planetside 2

    Hey, on what server are you on?
  10. CapsLock

    My 1000th Post

    Dont know how to respond!
  11. Im going to wait for the carrack and then make my decision.