1. Tactical Advance

    Hay people how are we doing?

  2. Cynane

    3.0 can't come any sooner!

  3. x_wardaddy_x

    if anybody plays dayz add me on steam x_wardaddy_x im new to pc gaming so dont expect rambo but im learning....im also from london so anybody on uk time would be good also add my rsi handle same name to find me in star citizen

  4. The_Director

    Media1 Plan was posted :D

  5. Alpha

    On the way to get our puppy now! 

  6. Kal-Nor

    Waiting for 2.4...

  7. Tactical Advance

    Off to bed.  Been making a few changes on the forum.  Looks a little cleaner!


  8. Citadel

    Hey all for some reason that I probably missed the 'Freelancer MIS' is available to buy right now for all those waiting on the Xmas sale to go live ;)

  9. Citadel

    Very glad to have joined Tactical Advance...Everyone has in a short space of time made me feel very welcome! Thanks everyone.

  10. Lunatek

    News van added to Ship collection

  11. Lunatek

    Hi all, to everyone celebrating the Christmas break Merry Christmas, Sorry we have not been around, Life sometimes gets in the way, looking forward to catching up soon. 

  12. Fain

    I am sorry for my lack of activity in the past few days but myself and my family had some terrible new about a member of my close family passing away after being injured in a car crash. I just wanted to let everyone aware of my reason for the recent absence.

    thank you and have a nice day 

  13. Alpha

    Woohoo! One whole year in this organisation! :D

  14. Alpha

    On Friday, the 4th of September, I will have been here for a whole year. Woohoo!

  15. Dragon-Knight

    Gamescom was awesome. Really enjoyed meeting the CIG Devs.





  16. Nez

    Strong like bull. Dumb, like tractor.

  17. Alpha

    Okay, of to Bulgaria tomorrow... See you later I guess, unless I find time to jump on TeamSpeak using the hotel internet. 

  18. Rumged » 22Actual

    You like my post...... So here I'm looking at your profile and saw that you are from Alberta. Then I was like I'm going to Jasper to meet a friend of mine in October (it might be November, i'm not quoit sure when i'm in Canada).

    Also first.......... Yeah! For the 3 time in my life ( well i might be ling, don't remember how many time I have been the first, but not many. I'm normally quite slow and that's no good for racing. ) I'm the first to write on some ones profile.

    Have fun!  

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    2. 22Actual

      Yeah Calgary has an Airport, YYC

    3. Rumged

      Nice! Well I'll shoot you a pm, when I'm in Canada. How mush notification time do you want? hours? day? week? 2 weeks before is the maximum amount of time where I can say with 98% accuracy that I'm there.

      Just a exp. I didn't know that I was going to Galapagos until 3 days before hand. You  know, its one of does things that happens when your in Ecuador   

    4. 22Actual

      Well 3 days would be fine, We're just going to meet at a pub or something so that leaves me enough time to clear my schedule if needed/possible

  19. AnastasisEve

    Working hard to get things right

  20. Rumged

    How to fly all of my ships at the same time, hmm...... I wounder. Also I'm hungry, anyone wanna share a pizza

  21. Alpha

    I hope the "fly free" military week will include the Anvil Hornet F7A... I miss the F7A.

  22. StarBuck

    may the fourth be with you

  23. StarBuck

    Bumblebee Tuna

  24. Tactical Advance

    Its been a long weeks only 1 day to go before the weekend.