1. StarBuck

    Gotta lighten up a bit. It's only the end of the world

  2. Faolan

    im a newbie...apparently

  3. NuttyRob » Optix334

    Its me, Nutty, I just wanted to put something on your wall because nobody has done so as of yet. I'll be out of pocket the next week but still have access to forums and email. Let me know if anything comes up. 

  4. NuttyRob » Mr Canis Majoris

    Hey man, I haven't seen you in a day or two. I just wanted to make sure you knew I would be out of town for the next week but you can still reach me on the forum or through email if anything comes up. Cheers!

  5. NuttyRob » Deagleclaw

    Hey man, I just wanted to check in with you. I will be going out of town tomorrow (as you know) but I will still be reachable through the forums or email. Just let me know if you have any issues. 

  6. NuttyRob » Aselwyn1

    Just checking in, I cannot email you, lol. I will be out of town for the next week, but I'll have access to forums so let me know if you need anything.



    1. Aselwyn1

      ya ok thanks for the heads up, you saw i will be in vegas the week after too. kinda the same deal i have forum access but not really TS. ah you should be able to PM me 

  7. NuttyRob » Absurd Raccoon

    Hey brother, congrats on setting the bar for a member awardee of the Kickin' Ass Award. Let me know if you need anything. 



  8. NuttyRob » Muffin

    Congratulations!!!! Welcome to the officer corps, and we will be better for having you, I am sure. 

    1. Muffin

      Thanks Rob! Glad to be on the team.  

    2. NuttyRob

      Just checking in, see how things are going with your new position. Let me know if you need anything!

    3. Muffin

      Things are good! I've read through things that you linked and know the procedures etc. Now ust hope the new peeps like me...and I don't scare them off! :P

  9. NuttyRob » Aselwyn1

    Hey bud, what's wrong with your inbox? I receive an error that you cannot receive messages. If it's full can you empty it, I use that to make sure everyone has got the latest info for our division.

    1. Aselwyn1

      ya i think its going to need to be made bigger it fills up too fast with the 50 max i have. can it be enlarged?

    2. Tactical Advance


      Just get rid of some older emails.


    3. Aselwyn1

      Well i guess so TAC

  10. AztecShield » MrAndyRog

    Thank you for the warm welcome.to you and the rest of our teammates .

    1. MrAndyRog

      You are very welcome, hope to see you around on both the forums and TeamSpeak!

  11. Tactical Advance

    Looking forward to the update coming up :-D

  12. DiOlll

    Ship modularity 

  13. Akanoes

    So I made a s**tty signature, at least I have one now xD

  14. StarBuck

    Morning guys ac someone ?

  15. Aselwyn1

    So its -20 here in Canada plus wind chill and yes thats celsius MERICA

    1. Tactical Advance

      Really -20?

    2. Aselwyn1

      yep thats Canada for you 

  16. Tactical Advance

    Added HOT topic.  If a post shows activity withing a time frame a icon shows saying HOT.

  17. Hairdew

    It's snowing again outside!  The neighbor across the street has had some couch on the sidewalk for 3 weeks now, they are the worst neighbors in the entire area and I have them right next to me.  Their Christmas lights are still up . . . from 3 years ago and they put up more this year that are still up too, and now they have f**king Christmas tinsel in some of their dead bushes in the front, and its all still there.  I want to set the damn couch on fire and throw it threw their front window!

  18. flamingcookie

    Welcome to facebook 2.0, I wonder if anyone actually see's this!

    1. Tactical Advance

      Yes they do it's on the home page.  Welcome to TA Book.  :-D

    2. NuttyRob

      I don't have facebook 1.0, this is making me nervous, lol. 

  19. Tactical Advance

    Sleepy been a long few days

    1. Aselwyn1

      i bet ... :) so many bugs i have found