[OFFICIAL] Teamspeak Info For New Members! (password inside)

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Hello to all new people in the organization!

Before joining we suggest you read our TeamSpeak Code of Conduct Available Here.

Please note: Our TeamSpeak information is strictly for the community and we want to limit as many trolls as possible, therefore in order to prevent any future problems, do not share this information with anyone outside of the Organization. It is fine to send it to a friend who could be a potential member, because we want them to get acquainted and familiar with other members.

Teamspeak Info:

TeamSpeak3 server info: tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com
Password: tac1
Or just click this link and it should take you straight to us: Connect

To Install Teamspeak:

1. Click on the following download link: Teamspeak 3


2. Select your OS and click download


3. Click on Save File 



4. Save the install file to your Desktop



5. Launch the installer from your desktop


6. When asked if you would like to allow the install program to make changes click yes



7. Click Next



8. Scroll through the agreement (Read it if you choose) , check mark 'I accept' and click next



9. Choose your install preference and then click next



10. Choose your install location and then click next



11. Choose your configuration save location preference then hit next



12. Do not install Overwolf and click next



13. Click Install



To Connect To Tactical Advance Server:

1. Launch Teamspeak 3 from your desktop


2. Go to Connections and click on Connect



3. Enter the Server Address, your RSI Handle under Nickname, and the Server Password. Then click Connect


*Credit to GrumpyCat for post rework and and graphical works.

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