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bammm :) i blame eljay (Share your passion!)

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are we sharing passions? :D :) :D :) :D ;) :o :lol: :?: :idea: :idea: :mrgreen: :| :| :geek:

FIrst bike ever. The Kawi

We rode HWY 2, that's where we took this picture.

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My Old bike when i had the accident nearly ruined my passion for riding, Fractured neck (really close to being a paraplegic) Broken arm, Broken nose and torn muscle all off my leg. knocked my self out having seizures on the ground and couldn't breathe scariest moment of my life. This was my old bike that I don't have now. I now have the WR250f.


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Hey It's Krass, basically I like meeting girls :P Everywhere.. um haha.. and I like music, I record, play bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar.. Just put some random pics from my gallery. All of the girls you see I more or less met on the day or close to.






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Thanks for sharing you passions i decided to open more about me. I really love living life and i thrive on new experiences and i am more about living the moments.

"Someone said to me once with every passion minute is another chance to turn it all around"

I well i love skiing that me in the middle.

I am now doing fenceing but couldnt find images on that.

I love film and photography

I enjoy helping people who are in need. These people that suffer from depression, or anything that is really hurting them. I am training to be counsellor and its a big passion.

Love field of dreams!! Is very inspiring.

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