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Smite: Gods duking it out in a 3rd-person MOBA

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Smite gaming session at 20:00 GMT on Sunday 8th of February

I'm a average-level Smite player but I mostly play solo. I was wondering since TA play so many games together if anyone was interested in joining me in this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena?


For those of you who don't know, Smite is a free-to-play game similar in concept to League of Legends and DOTA, with a few key differences. Rather than a top down, RTS-style view of the game, players see their characters from a third-person perspective with more intuitive WASD movement controls, resulting in more dynamic, faster-paced action. (In my opinion)


MOBA games focus on teamwork and strategic plays rather than individual success, which means teams connected over teamspeak/skype etc have a great advantage.

If anyone's interested, just leave a reply! Alternatively if you'd like to download and try the game, use this "Refer-A-Friend" link so I get extra bonuses as you level up! (added incentive for me to help you learn the game too)

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