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System Performance Tweaks and Saving Keybinds

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1. Creating a user.cfg file in \StarCitizen\CitizenClient
2. Open with text editor (notepad, sublime text, vi, etc)
3. Add the string


Con_Restricted = 0 

to the first line 4. Add any other modifiers as you see fit 5. -- comments out lines (meaning they won't be processed) Sample file. Note: you probably want to go through and customize this -- don't just copy/paste it in.


-- Con_Restricted re-enables console commands
Con_Restricted = 0

-- motion blur is bad
r_MotionBlur = 0

-- frame rate stuff
r_VSync = 0
sys_MaxFPS = 60

-- all of these control graphic quality for those specific areas 1 = High, 2 = Very High and 3 = Extreme.
sys_spec_sound = 2
sys_spec_physics = 2
sys_spec_texture = 2
-- sys_spec_gameeffects X
-- sys_spec_objectdetail X
-- sys_spec_particles X
-- sys_spec_postprocessing X
-- sys_spec_shading X
-- sys_spec_shadows X
-- sys_spec_volumetriceffects X
-- sys_spec_water X

-- If set to 0, disables the radial blur effect which occurs when objects explode near you. 
-- This can help both improve performance around explosions, and make them clearer (system).
g_radialBlur = 0

-- controls the special color gradation effect which is normally only implemented at the Very High Post Processing setting. 
r_ColorGrading = 0

-- Sets resolution of shadows cast by suns
e_ShadowsMaxTexRes = 256

-- cleans up the image a bit. The Default value is hardly noticeable, 
-- (Set it to 10 to see what it actually does)
r_ChromaticAbberation = 0

-- turns off image sharpening. You can hardly see a difference, I prefer it off. 
-- Set it to 10 to get some freaky images 
r_sharpening = 0

-- controls the amount of Anisotropic Filtering used on textures in the game (0-10)
r_TexMinAnisotropy = 8
r_TexMaxAnisotropy = 8

-- texture loading variable can increase in multiples of 1024
r_TexturesStreamPoolSize 1024

-- The two commands above control the appearance of the bloom lighting effect
r_HDRBrightLevel = 0
r_HDRBloomRatio = 0

-- Determines Screen Space Reflections (SSR) feature is enabled, 
-- and the quality of the reflections it creates on glossy surfaces. (0,1,2,3)
r_SSReflections = 0

-- The ambient occlusion method in Crysis 3 can have a substantial impact on the performance 
-- and general atmosphere of the game world
r_SSAO = 0
r_ssdo = 0

r_FogShadows = 0

-- This command, if enabled (= 1), will update distant shadows less frequently
e_GsmCache = 1

-- Tessellation increases the number of polygons used to render an object, 
-- (best=1, mid=8, worst=20)
r_TessellationTriangleSize = 8

-- brightness
r_Gamma = 1.15

-- not sure what this does
r_HDRGrainAmount = 0

Disable ESP:


  1. First, make sure that you have an exported, customized keybinds file save in \StarCitizen\CitizenClient\USER\Controls\Mappings.
  2. Open that file in a text editor like Notepad or Sublime Text
  3. Follow the steps in this post
  4. If you have a mouse, change the options type to mouse. 
  5. Here is mine:
<ActionMaps version="1">
 <CustomisationUIHeader label="kbm" description="" image="">
   <keyboard instance="1"/>
 <options type="mouse" instance="1">
    <point in="0.1" out="0.1"/>
    <point in="0.2" out="0.2"/>
    <point in="0.3" out="0.3"/>
    <point in="0.4" out="0.4"/>
    <point in="0.5" out="0.5"/>
    <point in="0.6" out="0.6"/>
    <point in="0.7" out="0.7"/>
    <point in="0.8" out="0.8"/>
    <point in="0.9" out="0.9"/>
    <point in="1.0" out="1.0"/>
 <options type="keyboard" instance="1">
  <av_relative_mode sensitivity="2.5"/>
 <actionmap name="spaceship_general">
  <action name="v_eject">
   <rebind defaultInput="ralt+l" device="keyboard" input="ralt+j"/>
 <actionmap name="spaceship_view">
  <action name="v_view_cycle_headlook_mode">
   <rebind defaultInput="tab" device="keyboard" input="lalt"/>
  <action name="v_view_option">
   <rebind defaultInput=" " device="keyboard" input="pgdn"/>
 <actionmap name="spaceship_movement">
  <action name="v_toggle_relative_mouse_mode">
   <rebind defaultInput="lctrl+c" device="keyboard" input="rctrl"/>
  <action name="v_roll_right">
   <rebind defaultInput="d" device="keyboard" input="e"/>
  <action name="v_roll_left">
   <rebind defaultInput="a" device="keyboard" input="q"/>
  <action name="v_decoupled_strafe_right">
   <rebind defaultInput="e" device="keyboard" input="d"/>
  <action name="v_decoupled_strafe_left">
   <rebind defaultInput="q" device="keyboard" input="a"/>
  <action name="v_decoupled_strafe_down">
   <rebind defaultInput="f" device="keyboard" input="z"/>
  <action name="v_decoupled_strafe_up">
   <rebind defaultInput="r" device="keyboard" input="x"/>
  <action name="v_ifcs_toggle_comstab">
   <rebind defaultInput=" " device="keyboard" input="lctrl"/>
  <action name="v_ifcs_toggle_gforce_safety">
   <rebind defaultInput=" " device="keyboard" input="capslock"/>
  <action name="v_ifcs_toggle_safeties">
   <rebind defaultInput="lctrl+capslock" device="keyboard" input=" "/>
  <action name="v_ifcs_toggle_vector_decoupling">
   <rebind defaultInput="capslock" device="keyboard" input="tab"/>
  <action name="v_decoupled_roll_right">
   <rebind defaultInput="d" device="keyboard" input="e"/>
  <action name="v_decoupled_roll_left">
   <rebind defaultInput="a" device="keyboard" input="q"/>
  <action name="v_strafe_back">
   <rebind defaultInput=" " device="keyboard" input="s"/>
  <action name="v_strafe_forward">
   <rebind defaultInput=" " device="keyboard" input="w"/>
  <action name="v_strafe_right">
   <rebind defaultInput="e" device="keyboard" input="d"/>
  <action name="v_strafe_left">
   <rebind defaultInput="q" device="keyboard" input="a"/>
  <action name="v_strafe_down">
   <rebind defaultInput="f" device="keyboard" input="z"/>
  <action name="v_strafe_up">
   <rebind defaultInput="r" device="keyboard" input="x"/>
  <action name="v_throttle_down">
   <rebind defaultInput="s" device="keyboard" input=" "/>
  <action name="v_throttle_up">
   <rebind defaultInput="w" device="keyboard" input=" "/>
 <actionmap name="spaceship_targeting">
  <action name="v_target_cycle_all_fwd">
   <rebind defaultInput="y" device="keyboard" input="u"/>
  <action name="v_toggle_weapon_gimbal_lock">
   <rebind defaultInput="lalt" device="keyboard" input="np_3"/>
  <action name="v_target_reticle_focus">
   <rebind defaultInput="v" device="keyboard" input="t"/>
  <action name="v_target_cycle_friendly_fwd">
   <rebind defaultInput="h" device="keyboard" input="i"/>
  <action name="v_target_nearest_hostile">
   <rebind defaultInput="c" device="keyboard" input="r"/>
  <action name="v_target_cycle_hostile_fwd">
   <rebind defaultInput="t" device="keyboard" input="y"/>
 <actionmap name="spaceship_defensive">
  <action name="v_weapon_cycle_countermeasure_fwd">
   <rebind defaultInput="x" device="keyboard" input="v"/>
  <action name="v_weapon_launch_countermeasure">
   <rebind defaultInput="z" device="keyboard" input="c"/>
 <actionmap name="spaceship_hud">
  <action name="v_hud_toggle_cursor_input">
   <rebind defaultInput="tab" device="keyboard" input="lalt"/>
  <action name="v_hud_open_scoreboard">
   <rebind defaultInput="lctrl+space" device="keyboard" input="f5"/>


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