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Ayiden Lightsky

Minecraft invisible blocks bug

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these link show you what I am seeing in the game, I cleaned out my minecraft, I updated java. I know my graphics card is working and up to date, I just at this point don't know what to do. I tried using a texture pack and I still had this problem, non of the mobs show up except what a mob is holding in his hand. now I have tried this on MP and the people do show up, it is just the blocks and mobs that don't that little shadow area is a chicken on the 2nd link. At this point I don't know what to do I so badly want to get this game fixed so I can hop back in with my girl friend, and before anyone complains to me, I never had this problem before I switched to windows 8. and I am not gonna switch back, either. I need windows 8 because of the new drivers for BF4 that increases my FPS. So if anyone has any clue on what can cause this any help would be appreciated.
My cpu is a phenom ii black edition
and my gpu is a AMD HD Radeon 6800 series
and I have 8 gigs of ram

I've have tried to look everywhere for this but I can't seem to find anyone having the same problems that I am having. I've done everything that I know, so I am at a lost here.

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