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New Pilot Training

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Watch these tutorials:
Installing different weapons on your ship - A Holo-table how-to [60 Second Skills]
G-Safe & Comstab for combat [Flight Mechanics 101 by Venn] [ 1m43s]


Our new pilots usually all seem to have the same questions. So we're going to put up a bunch of videos that should cover these usual new player questions. My idea for this is a 60 second segment that covers one topic at a time. These 60 Second videos will be posted to the TA Community Channel. For the new player training we want to keep things short and sweet.

Advanced videos are more than welcome and can be featured here however they should be hosted on your own channel.


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Fantastic idea.

I would also recommend that a permanent "sticky" (is that what it's called) be posted on the TA main page so it's easy to spot.

Interesting idea... Maybe we'll change it up, create a new member forum or something, put the TS info and this in there.

I'm not sure though, I'm thinking of a stand alone welcome page for new players too...

Venn: added

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